Luke Rockhold: Belfort’s TRT use should have been known in the forefront


Debuting UFC Middleweight Luke Rockhold appears in a Fuel TV video with Ariel Helwani to discuss his blockbuster debut next weekend. Rockhold notes that fighting Vitor Belfort is almost as good as fighting Anderson Siva, but he is looking for the belt. Rockhold does not care that he has to fight Belfort in his homeland of Brazil.

He also doesn’t agree with Belfort revealing his use of TRT after his last fight, stating that he should have revealed it before he destroyed Michael Bisping. Rockhold shows respect for the UFC and also Strikeforce for catapulting his MMA career.


  • Man, Rockhold is a great fighter, but can't help feel that he is already planning his excuses for when Belfort taps that chin….

    • I was thinking the same thing….bit of nervous tension it seems

  • A very likeable fellow.

    As a Belfort fan, I agree with Luke 100%. TRT waivers should be known to, not only the opponent fighter, but also the media and fans. Fair is fair. If it's been sanctioned and it's not considered "illegal", then what is the problem with full-disclosure? For me, immediate
    full-disclosure should be part of the waiver. You can use, but you must disclose.

    The thing I hate the most about this whole debate, is the uncertainty of passing a post-fight test. I'd like to know that the result announced at the conclusion of the fight, is the final and only determination of victor and will not be over-turned.

    The nightmare of nightmares, for example, would have been Chael Sonnen surviving that tap-out in fight 1 against Anderson Silva, only to have it over-turned based on a failed drug test, post-fight. For me, that's the biggest problem with TRT. Uncertainty in the result of the fight, until the drug post-fight drug test has been passed and that, as we know, takes weeks to certify.

    I can live with the rulings, but the uncertainty is a killer and as a Belfort fan, right now, I can state that I have no idea as to what Vitor's TRT status is and apparently neither does his opponent , nor did Ariel seem to be aware of it and I have no idea (if on) whether or not he'll pass the post-fight test. On these two subjects, VB could / should do the right thing and at least answer the first question, given that he cannot answer or guarantee, the second.

    I'm still a fan and will be pulling for him, but Belfort's handling of this, at least to the best of my knowledge, which is that he hasn't disclosed, is a disappointing. All of it aside, I wish Luke all the best in the fight.

  • I been thinking about it long and hard and i think Luke can take Vitor out man… he has the skills for sure. I think he will get the job done in spectacular fashion for some reason. If he finishes Vitor, he should get the next shot at Anderson (if there's no superfight). If Anderson takes a superfight after his win in July (and yes he is gonna win), Luke should fight Weidman.

    • Me too, i think it isn't going to be a one sided arse whooping, having that said, I think it's Vitor's hand raised at the end still.

  • Quit b*tching Jockhold, and just get ready for a brawl.

  • i hate trt

    • Same here. It's rediculous in this sport.