Lorenz Larkin: My Last Fight Sucked, My Next Will Be Memorable


Lorenz Larkin has certainly had a hit and miss career since joining the UFC, although only having lost twice (no the loss to a roided up King Mo doesn’t count), ‘Monsoon’ has picked up both pro losses in his last three performances. His last outing was a forgettable decision loss to Brad Tavares at Fight Night 35.

The fight in Georgia just didn’t go Larkin’s way, as Tavares was faster in all areas. The Strikeforce veteran sat and spoke with Fox Sports about his most recent performance:

“I just waited. I just waited way too long. I didn’t pull the trigger.  It just sucked, but maybe it was for the best because in my camp we’ve been working on pulling the trigger and not waiting.  The biggest thing with that fight was just me not pulling the trigger. As far as sparring, if I get to the point where I’m not pulling, my coaches are telling me right when I’m not doing it.  I’ve not been wasting these opportunities. I’ve been moving forward and making these opportunities come.”

Larkin will certainly have his back against the wall as he prepares to face Costa Phillipou at Fight Night 40; the heavy handed veteran poses a threat to Larkin’s contract, and hopefully this should bring out the best in ‘Monsoon’.

“I feel like this is a fight that can show the fans and show the UFC, show them that I belong.  Costa Philippou is a tough opponent, and I’m always up for the challenges.  I like the bigger fights like this.  I feel like when the skill level goes up, my skill level goes up. Now it’s time to put everything that I’ve been working on in camp and bring it into the fight.  My perfect aspect would be a (Robbie) Lawler/(Johny) Hendricks fight.  I like fights like that.  That’s what the fans tune into watch.  Don’t get me wrong, if I’m able to knock him out in the first 10 seconds, I’ll take it.  I do love fights that are memorable.”

In the cut throat world that is modern MMA, Larkin will have to put on an awesome performance to keep his job. Although Phillipou has dropped a few in recent times, I think he also would have beaten the version of Larkin that showed up against Tavares. This fight might be a sleeper on the card, or maybe it will be a one-sided quick finish, what’s your take?

  • he would probably do better if he took the time for that hair to be done, training.

  • "no the loss to a roided up King Mo doesn’t count." Shame the absolute robbery against Carmont does.