Liz Carmouche: I don’t think Rousey has what it takes to beat me


UFC Bantamweight Women’s title challenger Liz Carmouche appears in an interview via to address her upcoming and groundbreaking matchup with champion Ronda Rousey. While most pundits believe that the huge underdog Carmouche will fall victim to another first round armbar, Carmouche has another view altogether. 

She states that Rousey doesn’t have what it takes to beat her, and that she wants the fight to be taken to the ground. Carmouche believes that the fight will be decided in the first round, and that her extensive training surrounding all variety of armbar attacks will lead her to victory. Do you think she can topple the steaming freight train?

Come back to LowKick after the fight is over to check out how it went down.

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  • In the end I just want to see a tough fight… 30 sec arm bar isn't going to help grow the sport IMO… exciting yes… but… an all out war would be great.

    Would like to see Liz pull off the victory…. Rousey has made some nice $$$ would be cool to see Liz cash in as well.


    • I don't think there will be another arm bar.
      Liz of said "arm bar" like ten times in that video, which means she'll get choked or something else.
      Obsessing over one move gives you tunnel vision.

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    Rousey is going to win. If not by armbar, then by ground and pound or some other submission. She's an olympic medalist in judo, not just an armbar specialist. Carmouche is tough, and I'm sure she's mentally strong and in great shape, but she's just up against a much better athlete here.

    • True Mousasi. Ronda will take this.

  • Ground and pound from Rousey should not worry Liz.(mma type gnp)Its more for opening up armbars.Not to actually finish the fight.Rousey has shown little to none on striking power let alone stand up.While she is great at what her strength is.I wonder how long her ride will last.If Liz can somehow keep it standing its hers.

    • Agree…

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      She has 9:23 of fight time. That's including her entire pro and amateur career. It's nowhere near enough to conclude that her striking or ground and pound should not worry her opponents.

      What we do know is this: She's a fantastic athlete – good enough to win an olympic medal – who is dedicated full time to MMA. It would not be shocking at all if she became a very good striker, and she certainly has the power and athleticism to develop nasty ground and pound.

      Oh and Liz definitely will not be able to keep it standing for long. Rousey is several leagues above her in the grappling department. See medal, Olympic.

      • +1 …. She's already a worldclass olympic grappler and i'm sure she spent a lot of time either staying on that level or improving but i'm pretty sure she spent even MORE time sharpening up her striking, just looking at her training partners and camps she's been training with she MUST be developing a NASTY stand up game… so NO i will not will be surprised if she pulls off another armbar or other sub but i most def. wouldn't be surprised to see her Knock Liz out either or GNP her ass out… 1 thing's for sure, Ronda is physically stronger than Liz and she doesn't stand a chance in hell on the ground. Her saying she wants Ronda to take it to the ground only tells me she's nervous as fuck to go there. She's basically baiting Ronda to do the opposite and if that's the case. Liz already lost the mental and the rest will soon follow….

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  • I would have to pick an olympian over carmouche.. Rhonda has decent hands and can take it to the mat at will and submit carmouche.

  • Again of this division….if Carmouche loses, I wonder if they will give her an immediate re-match or offer it to Carmouche, instead? 🙂

    • @MMA Truth…..get ready for 100 rubber matches

  • Who is this dude and why does he want to fight Rousey?