Watch Live: Mayweather vs. McGregor Press Conference – Brooklyn

Tom Szczerbowski for USA TODAY Sports

After a second Mayweather vs. McGregor world tour stop in Toronto yesterday where UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor came out guns blazing and threw everything at his legendary boxing counterpart, the press conference hype will now head to Brooklyn, New York’s Barclays Center for what should be yet another heated session of back-and-forth trash talk.

Watch the video streaming live via SHOWTIME Sports starting at 6:30 p.m. EST here:

  • LNX03

    Floyd wore platform sneakers in Toronto and he wore them tonight in NY even Connor recognized them. Why! You freakin know why, Floyd does not want to be the smaller man. Connor is already got youth on his side and athleticism. Just like Connor said “He is Fooked”