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Top Five UFC Opponents For Fedor Emelianenko



Brock Lesnar

From a promotional standpoint, even at this stage of each man’s career, a fight between Fedor Emeliankenko and Brock Lesnar is still one of the biggest potential fights in all of MMA. The UFC had attempted to book the fight years ago and fans were hoping to see it when “The Last Emperor” was running through everyone in his path and Lesnar was the UFC heavyweight champion, but it may not be too late.

Lesnar, who temporarily retired after suffering from diverticulitis and losing to Alistair Overeem in 2011, recently announced that he would be making his return to fighting at the upcoming UFC 200 card on July 9 against heavy-handed slugger Mark Hunt. Like Emelianenko, Lesnar is 38 years of age and his skillset is currently questionable given his time away from the sport.

However, if Lesnar can even look somewhat decent at UFC 200 and perhaps pick up a win over “The Super Samoan,” a fight between him and “The Last Emperor” may be too monumental to pass up. Also, it would make sense for the Russian, as it would present a big money fight against a man who likely isn’t a top a heavyweight at this point in his career.

  • aNYagenda

    I like AA the best out of those.

    Especially for the way the first one played out.
    AA winning it until taking one of the goofiest KO’s in his collection.

    I think AA would have the advantage today,
    but Fed would still have a punchers chance against the notorious Arlovski chin.

  • Jeff Harris

    I think he should have a re-match with Fabio Maldinado .. .BUT ,, you need to tell Fabio that is is ok to punch the hell out of Fedor (Like he had done for the first round of their fight ,, seemed to suddenly just give up as if told to do so 😀 ) .. Making more fights ,, in the UFC ?? for Fedor is a f#$@ing joke !!! Didnt he retire once ?? He ought to retire again ,, he was hurt so bad that last fight he could barely talk ,, I dont think he hurt Fabio at all …

  • Jeff Harris

    “HUGE DRAW” ,, lol … Fedor lost that “draw” years ago … !! Should be introducing new fighters .. This old fighter come back stuff is shitty !!

    • Michael Mello

      Fedor is a joke ? How old are you? mark Hunt was a joke . AA was a joke Rothwell was a joke I don’t know man if you like fedor or not if you are a mma fan I don’t know how you can’t love his style of fighting

      • Jeff Harris

        Did you just see his last fight ?? it was complete fix !@ How old am I ?? WTF does that have to do with anything …

      • Jeff Harris

        Maldonado punched him out …

  • deko

    Taking on a much smaller Fabio Maldonado ?

  • Michael Mello

    Am I the only one who thought this was a awesome fight ? Seriously fedor is human he got hit and came back what is the big deal and to the fool that wrote this article Fabio was the bigger apponent. I don’t know why people can’t take this fight for what it was a awesome exciting fight. If two UFC fighters fought this way it would have been fight of the night. i hope Fedor fights in the UFC seriously who wouldn’t want to watch him fight the guy is always moving forward

    • Jeff Harris

      Fabio was bigger ?? how so ?? fkn guy is scrawny compared to Fedor ,,, you obviously are in love with Fedor ,, The fuckin guy was punched fucking silly in the first round and the fight absolutely should have been stopped … If that fight was in the States they would have stopped that fight and he was technically knocked the fuck out !!!! I bet there are other Fedor nut huggers that might try to suggest that his fight with Maldonado was a good fight too ,,, What a fucking joke !!! YES A JOKE !!! He might have been good at one time but he is not now ,, ffs he could barely speak after the fight … You are a joke too if you think that was a good fight …

  • Magma Phi

    Fedor was seonds aways from being KO cold. I love fedor but dont want to see him fighting in this condition. My appreciation for what he has done in the past weighs heavier then the thrill of seeing him fight again.