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Tinfoil Hats: Top 10 MMA Conspiracy Theories


The Don Frye Fix at Ultimate Ultimate 96

Don Frye defeated Mark Hall a total of three times in 1996, with their final encounter at the UFC’s ‘Ultimate Ultimate 96’ event in December seeing ‘The Predator’ tap him out in just 20 seconds.

In his biography, ‘Let’s Get It On,’ referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy revealed he immediately felt something wasn’t right about it, and a few months later Hall confirmed his suspicion by claiming that he’d been paid to tap out.

The story was that Frye was looking for an easier path to the tournament finals that night after a tough quarterfinal fight, and so he and his manager approached Hall backstage and offered to pay $50,000 to lose in their semifinal match-up.

Hall said that he agreed to do it at the time but later spoke out about what had really happened due to the fact he hadn’t received his payoff.

Despite the allegations, there was never an official investigation into the matter and Frye denied that it had happened.

  • Samuel Samči Kovalčík

    everybody who understands this shit knows McGregor won taht fucking fight