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Six Reasons Mayweather vs. McGregor Was Terrible For MMA

Mandatory Credit: Tracy Lee for USA TODAY Sports

4.) There’s Bound To Be A Hangover:

As mentioned in reason five, the attention on the upcoming September UFC events, of which there are four, is bound to be significantly lower than expectations because of the outright barrage Mayweather vs. McGregor assaulted fans’ senses with throughout the summer.

With Stefan Struve set to take on Alexander Volkov in a Fight Pass main event this weekend before the lowest-drawing champion in the UFC – right or wrong – in Demetrious Johnson headlines UFC 215 against little-known contender Ray Borg, the UFC is going the exact opposite direction in the month to follow Mayweather vs. McGregor, and with fans recently having paid $99.95 plus tax to watch a fight that the promotion had to issue refunds for after tons of Fight Pass streaming issues, it just doesn’t seem like combat sports fans will be all that motivated to pay more money for what would certainly be deemed a lesser product (no offense to the fighters on the cards, it’s simply a matter of overall attention).

That would have been a tough proposition with ANY bouts following a summer of Mayweather vs. McGregor, yet they aren’t doing themselves any favors. Time will tell when the hangover finally wears off.