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Wasted Potential: Top Seven Failed Hype Trains in UFC History


5) Rousey’s leftovers

Both Bethe Correia and Sara McMann were no where near close to being ready to challenge Ronda Rousey for the UFC women’s bantamweight title.

While the promotion needed to hype every opponent who Rousey encountered, their public attempts to build Correia and McMann up were elementary at best.

For Correia, whose UFC opponents coming into her fight with Rousey at UFC 190 had combined for a promotional record of 1-7, she had accomplished nearly nothing that warranted a title shot. But with a memorable bashing of Rousey’s training partner Shayna Baszler back at UFC 177, it became easy for the UFC to tag her as a heavy-handed striker with bad intentions for the champ.

As for McMann, who has lost three out of her last four, she was held at a higher regard because she came into the UFC as an Olympic silver medalist in wrestling. While that accolade is significant in many corners of the world, it doesn’t mean much when you can’t strike, defend submissions, or absorb a body shot. Unfortunately for McMann, this was never more true when Rousey quickly ended her title run via first-round TKO at UFC 170.

With limited MMA experience and the need to build up Rousey’s competitors, it became extra difficult to determine which contenders were over-hyped sensations. In the case of Correia and McMann, they proved to be no-hit wonders.

  • Greg

    Gomi being on this list is fucking stupid. Anyone that watched more than just the UFC knew Gomi, Kid Yamamoto among others were shot before getting to the UFC.

    • Dan Hiergesell

      He headlined his UFC debut. Name the last fighter to do that. Brock Lesnar didn’t even do it. It’s all we need to know to say he was over-hyped.

  • leonaidis

    No Brock Lesnar? Is that because he had the belt before starting to verbaly tap to punches?

    • Louis Castro

      Yes. I would say it’s because he did actually win the title and decisively beat two top ranked fighters. And he actually entered with pretty low expectations

  • xians421

    CroCop just never recovered from his exploded testicle.

  • Darren Graham

    Bait to click

  • Roundhouse40

    Joe Rogan is a play-by-play commentator, not a colour commentator.

  • dodger71

    Why is Team Alpha Male “infamous”? Does the author mean “famous”?