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Wasted Potential: Top Seven Failed Hype Trains in UFC History


6) Jake Ellenberger

There haven’t been too many UFC welterweights who have hit the proverbial wall quite like Jake Ellenberger.

And even though the heavy-handed veteran has finished admirable opponents in the past, specifically Jake Shields, Josh Koscheck, and Nate Marquardt, “The Juggernaut” has never truly cashed in on his athletic potential.

Along the way, the UFC had backed Ellenberger to the fullest. Pegging him as one of the most dangerous entities in the division seemed good on paper, but the 30-year-old has consistently frozen in the biggest of spots.

Since the beginning of 2013, Ellenberger’s UFC record is a lackadaisical 2-5, while being finished three times. And through both of his decision losses, the proclaimed high-caliber wrestler secured just one total takedown.

While his hands are dangerous and have played a major role in his success in the past, Ellenberger is nothing more than a one-trick pony at this point in his career. No matter how the promotion spins it, you can only call a black horse red for so long.

  • Greg

    Gomi being on this list is fucking stupid. Anyone that watched more than just the UFC knew Gomi, Kid Yamamoto among others were shot before getting to the UFC.

    • Dan Hiergesell

      He headlined his UFC debut. Name the last fighter to do that. Brock Lesnar didn’t even do it. It’s all we need to know to say he was over-hyped.

  • leonaidis

    No Brock Lesnar? Is that because he had the belt before starting to verbaly tap to punches?

    • Louis Castro

      Yes. I would say it’s because he did actually win the title and decisively beat two top ranked fighters. And he actually entered with pretty low expectations

  • xians421

    CroCop just never recovered from his exploded testicle.

  • Darren Graham

    Bait to click

  • Roundhouse40

    Joe Rogan is a play-by-play commentator, not a colour commentator.

  • dodger71

    Why is Team Alpha Male “infamous”? Does the author mean “famous”?