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Four Reasons Edmond Tarverdyan Needs To Let Rousey Paydays Go


Rousey Is Newly Married

While Tarverdyan has expressed interest in Rousey fighting again, the ex-champion has expressed no interest in fighting again herself, and she’s been quite busy outside of the cage.

For example, she recently married boyfriend Travis Browne, a veteran UFC heavyweight. Rousey posted numerous wedding photos on her social media accounts, and it seems as if she’s content moving forward into the next chapter of her life without fighting.

As previously mentioned, Rousey is undoubtedly financially stable. If she’s interested in starting a family, she could certainly focus on that. Unless she truly wants to return to fighting, there’s no reason to risk taking more damage or tarnishing her legacy, and Tarverdyan needs to accept that, even if he is involved in a highly-publicized bankruptcy case.

Also, given her star power, Rousey has a plethora of opportunities available to her that don’t involve her stepping into the Octagon…

  • Bill Wolf

    Everything in this article is rock-solid reasonable.

  • HeteroFriendly

    Although hollywood was mostly into her when she was undefeated and and gonna beat Floyd Mayweather and all that stuff, she could probably still make money in hollywood.
    Doing movies or have her own talk show or something.

    And the way turdvardian has a svengali hold over her he’d be along for that ride.
    He’d still be her personal trainer.