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Four Reasons Edmond Tarverdyan Needs To Let Rousey Paydays Go


Cris Cyborg Is The Most Dangerous Opponent

Not only should Tarverdyan advise against Rousey returning to fighting, but he also shouldn’t encourage her to accept a bout with someone as downright brutal as Cyborg.

The Brazilian slugger is widely considered to be the best female fighter on the planet, and she’s without question one of the most dangerous fighters on the UFC roster. Her speed and tremendous power make her a threat to finish a fight at any given time, and she’s won eight consecutive fights by T/KO.

Given her decorated striking background and the size advantage she would have over Rousey, Cyborg represents an unfavorable matchup for the “Rowdy” one.

Despite Tarverdyan feeling as if Cyborg is too ‘slow’, this is a fight Rousey should look to avoid, and one Tarverdyan should let go of.

  • Bill Wolf

    Everything in this article is rock-solid reasonable.

  • HeteroFriendly

    Although hollywood was mostly into her when she was undefeated and and gonna beat Floyd Mayweather and all that stuff, she could probably still make money in hollywood.
    Doing movies or have her own talk show or something.

    And the way turdvardian has a svengali hold over her he’d be along for that ride.
    He’d still be her personal trainer.