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Disgraced: The 10 Worst Champions In UFC History


Mark Coleman:

“The Godfather of Ground and Pound” earned himself an illustrious reputation as he used his NCAA wrestling pedigree to rack up a 6-0 record in MMA and the UFC heavyweight championship. But he lost the title to Maurice Smith in his very next fight, and went on to lose his next two fights in the UFC and three overall before going to Pride.

He found success in Pride, winning the 2000 Openweight Grand Prix, but in terms of the UFC, Coleman fell painfully short of the monstrous expectations heaped on his back as champion. He later returned to the Octagon late in his career, losing two out of his three bouts to Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Couture.

Overall, Coleman did enough to become a UFC Hall of Famer, yet he wasn’t the greatest of champions.

  • HeteroFriendly

    “it’s hard for new UFC owners WME-IMG to build any momentum,”

    It would only be the wrong kind of momentum if they did.
    These are just the wrong kind of people who have habitually run around buying up other peoples creations and sucking the blood out of it until its ruined.

    Hollywood brand corporate parasites gonna hollywood brand corporate parasite.

    The best thing for MMA is for ufc to just die its embarrassing molested by hollywood death at this point.

    • Bill Wolf

      “Hollywood brand corporate parasites gonna hollywood brand corporate parasite.”

      Unfortunately that’s true.

  • Bill Wolf

    This list is reasonable, and I strongly agree that Germaine de Randamie is the least impressive UFC champion ever.

    But “disgraced” is too strong a word, especially for the fighters at the bottom of the list. Holly Holm was good enough to win a title, but not good enough to defend it. That’s not a disgrace, just a disappointment.

    • Draven

      I’m surprised Jon Jones didn’t make the list.