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10 Times Dana White Straight Up Lied To The MMA World


2. Tito Ortiz Is Definitely Still Fighting Chuck Liddell

Just a few weeks before The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 was due to air on Spike TV with bitter rivals Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz as the team coaches, rumors emerged that something had happened behind the scenes and Liddell would now be fighting Rich Franklin instead after the show’s conclusion.

“Not true!” White replied to a fan on Twitter. “We are doing Couture vs. Franklin, not Chuck.”

The media weren’t convinced, but White stuck doggedly to his story.

“Nothing happened to Tito,” he claimed on Twitter. “Tito and I are cool.”

Even three weeks later White was still telling porkie pies.

”The definite main event is Tito vs. Chuck Liddell. That’s definitely the main event.”

The truth was that the media had been spot on from the start and Liddell Vs Franklin had indeed been signed behind closed doors after Ortiz was forced to leave the show in order to get neck surgery.

Nevertheless, when the match-up was finally confirmed, White was unrepentant.

”The people who feel they have been lied to – too bad!” White said on The Jim Rome Show. “Get over it!”

  • Murdock


  • ernesto chavez

    Well color me surprised. Surprised that only ten examples were reviewed. The Elmer Fudd look alike, bully, girly-man Mr. White is so veracity challenged we can assume he’s lying as soon as he opens his mouth.

    My sincere apologies to Elmer Fudd one of my favorite cartoon characters. The resemblance is only physical and not of character. I’m wewee wewee sauwee.

  • Hanscowman

    Even though he’s a BSer it is his job to keep the fans guessing. And he did ride a bull which in some people’s opinion is way worse than base jumping.

  • Juan Diablo

    I was the most annoyed by him lying to Pickett and McDonald just to keep Barao a secret. Those are really good dudes and he didn’t even need to get their hopes up like that for something so stupid.

  • thanatos8285

    I don’t deny that he lies, but the guy is a promoter. People act like they’re surprised he lies. That’s basically his whole job. If you get fleeced, that’s your dumb ass.

    • Christopher Flores

      Pretty much. As promoter, you have to give fans a reason to pay attention/for PPVs.

    • Jess Fenchley

      So liar = promoter is OK to you? You are hilariously messed up. I hope you work for a boss that constantly lies to you.

      • thanatos8285

        *sigh* and here we have the exact type of dumbass I was referring to. You think the world operates on right and wrong and that people are bound to the rules of how they’re “supposed” to act or what they “should” do. His job is to sell fights, not be honest. If you’re surprised that he does his job, which is to lie, you’re naive. You’re a child.