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10 Infamous Street Fights Involving UFC Stars


Urijah Faber

’The California Kid’ Urijah Faber was caught up in a terrifying fight for his life while on vacation in Bali back in 2006.

It began when a local picked on him while he was dancing with some girls at a club and led to them going outside to settle their differences.

Faber won the fight when a throw broke his adversary’s collarbone, but a few minutes later he was hit in the back of the head by another local wearing brass knuckles.

Multiple opponents with weapons then attacked Faber, including a guy wielding a bottle who he was able to throw over a motorcycle as he fled back into the club.

Unfortunately that didn’t deter them and after being repeatedly kicked and struck with a shoe hammer, he ran back out the club, elbowing an attacker in the face as he did so.

An attempt to take refuge in a Billabong store also failed, but the blood-soaked Faber managed to escape again and jumped into a nearby taxi, where he’d briefly have to fend of the gang again before being driven off to a hospital.

  • Juan Diablo

    Weird, they didn’t talk about the time Chuck got in a fight at a party thrown on the Harvard campus by Method Man and Redman. One of the more memorable, if not short, scraps in 2001

  • Killer

    Faber story is the biggest bullshit ever.

    • Jimmy Chamberlain

      its real i was with him

    • MetusBatmanV3

      Why, moron?

      • Killer

        Because he is barely taller than a smurf and if you have ever heard the story it changes drastically by the day. Off his nuts Metus!

        • MetusBatmanV3

          You think people in Asia are tall, moron?

          • Killer

            you never heard the story.

          • MetusBatmanV3

            You’re a moron.

  • Killer

    Bobino got clipped by the car you can here it. Huerta hit him when he was already down.

  • headlesssoldier

    I stopped right at “knocked him out…then kicked him in the head twice for good measure”.
    Its exactly why I don’t like the ethic of MMA and the people it creates. I actually love watching MMA. I can watch any fight and be interested. Its multi-level fighting. The problem is our world is saddled with too many uncivilized people who basically fed by the civilized. I wouldn’t mind seeing MMA banned in this country.

    • MetusBatmanV3

      You’re a moron.

    • Neil Martinez

      Ur a dumbass.!!!!!! where did u grow up? u probably grew up an in nice neighborhood and everything goes ur way.. wake up fucker.. why dont u go travel and see different culture and see what the world really is… the world is different than what ur rich parents taught u….. dumb as bitch.. U wont survive for a day in the “real world”. I feel bad for you… dumb ass bitch