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10 Crazy Stories From Dana White’s Rollercoaster Life


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Being Run Out Of Boston By An Infamous Gangster

In the early 1990’s, White partnered with boxer Peter Welch to start a ‘Get Kids Off The Street’ program in Boston that would see them teaching the youngsters how to box.

Essentially it was a charity and wasn’t a big moneymaker, but they kept the lights on by also teaching boxercise classes to local people, and that became so successful that they began to expand into health clubs across the city.

Unfortunately for White, that caught the attention of notorious gangster Whitey Bulger, with his henchman Kevin Weeks and other members of his crew showing up in the middle of a fitness class he was teaching one day and made it clear they wanted a cut of the money he was making.

Afterwards, White kept his head down and hoped that he wouldn’t run into them again, but it wasn’t long before they phoned him at his home demanding that he pay them $2,500 by 1 pm the following day.

White didn’t have that kind of money and was in no doubt that something bad was going to happen if he stayed, so that same day he packed his bags, purchased a plane ticket to Las Vegas and fled Boston.

  • HeteroFriendly

    “…mercilessly punch and kick him for 20 minutes…”

    Why would you jump someone for 20 minutes?!

    You would think you would lose interest after making the point after a minute or two.
    It would have to be someone who really deserved it on and on and on like a kevin lee or something, but I cant think of too many people other then him who could deserve that.

    I guess some people are just evil and theres no rationality to it.
    Someone like kevin lee might ratpack an old lady or something for 20 minutes until the cops came just becasue he’s a dirty motown scumbag.

    • HeteroFriendly

      Cool article.
      I new some of those but not all of them.

      Some people complain about White for this or that, and I haven’t agreed with every decision he’s made, but compared to anyone else who I dont agree wth everything they’re done he’s always seemed like a decent enough guy.

      People say he’s dishonest, but I dont really see it that way.
      He says things that aren’t the truth, but he says those kinds of things just for the plain real rules of doing business. Not just to be sinister and shiesty, theres some things that you are expected to say and things that you cant say when you’re doing business, let alone with the public.

      Like when a magician tell you that theres a rabbit in this hat, he doesn’t mean that literally. Thats just part of the presentation to perform the trick for your entertainment.

  • ernesto chavez

    Is there proof of the “bar fight?” Why would anybody pick on a boxercise coach to women? And, as another MMA fan noted, why beat on him for 20 minutes? Did they stop every five minutes to take a one minute break? That dog don’t hunt.

    More credible is that one of his girl students knocked the crap out of the bully, girly-man Mr. White, with one punch. Now that’s a story I can believe. Better yet, ask White’s mother if this happened. She may have written about it in her book, “Dana White, King of MMA.”