Korean Zombie set for mid-year return, hoping for immediate title shot


Many may not have realized it but Chang Sung Jung has been gone for a while. Although after receiving surgery for a lingering shoulder injury which he is currently in the process of rehabilitating, The Korean Zombie has remained rather silent, choosing to say very little while he heals up.

The arguable #1 contender for the featherweight title is set to make a return this year and seems to be hoping to pick up directly where he left off. On Monday, Jung’s manager Brian “Shug” Rhee spoke with MMA Fighting regarding his reparation time and when the Zombie is aiming to get back in the octagon:

originally we were shooting for March as an ideal time to fight, but realistically, it’s going to be more like May/June-ish. His rehab is going OK, but not as quickly as we were hoping. But he’s on track to make a May/June return to the octagon.”

With Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo set to do battle at UFC 156 for what is being deemed a Featherweight Super-fight, the timing could actually work out quite well for Jung. With the right amount of time to heal and then the proper preparation we could be expecting a follow up featherweight title match with some serious fireworks.

Touching upon the subject of ring rust regarding his client, as well as his current goals and ambitions, Jung’s manager stated:

“If the timing works out, we’d love to get a title shot. Fortunately, KZ doesn’t seem to suffer from ring rust too badly, so [that’s] not a big concern for us.”

Here’s to hoping The Korean Zombie get’s back into the octagon as soon as possible to offer up his 2013 candidacy for fight of the year.

  • When he beat Poirier there was no doubt he was next in line for the shot but he has lost so much momentum since then, time is truly a fighter's worst enemy.

    I wouldn't have a big problem with him getting the shot on his return but I think Swanson and Lamas are on great rolls as well, especially if they beat their next opponents then it's hard to argue they don't deserve it more than Zombie.