King Mo Lawal: Imagine me vs. Kimbo Slice?


King Mo talks about his progress in the striking department, currently training at the mayweather boxing club. Lawal, says that Bellator will allow him to box professionally, and he would love to fight Kimbo Slice, though his real goal is to win a regional title.

video provided by Fight Hub TV

  • Kimbo will knock him silly with pure boxing.. His instincts are takedowns first no matter who's camp he training with. Kimbo has been brawling/boxing for a long time and no matter what people say about him as a MMA fighter, he is a decent boxer… Even devistating strikers such as Houston Alexander, Big Country, Matt Mitrione didn't wanna stand in front of Kimbo..

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      Didn't Matt Mitrione stand in front of him and knock him out? 'Know what I'm sayin'.

      • @ Zip

        I seem to recall Meat throwing a few kicks at Kimbo's dubious knee. So, there's that to take into account, as well.

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          That is true.

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            Only remember the KO. Think I'll look the fight up.

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            I don't know if you've ever heard of this site, but it's great:


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            Just looked at it briefly. Looks like a great site. Thanks.

          • @ Zip

            No problem.

            It's a fabulous site. They'll usually have a fight's video up within three or four hours of the fight's conclusion. Great for PPV nights, if you didn't make the buy.

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            …meant to add…The site's search engine is pretty good at finding any fight you're looking for and more often than not, they'll have it. I don't know how many times I've watch Rory MacDonald body slam Nate Diaz, on that site. LOL! Beautiful, baby.

          • Yea I haven't watch it since it happened…
            funnily enough, thinking about it that was the first show that I started watching the UFC regularly (turned into an addiction).

            I had watched the first UFC's and seen Chuck vs. Rampage when I was younger but a couple of days after we first got ESPN (UK provider for UFC) the TUF 10 finale was on.

          • @ Keith

            Who are you taking in Bisping / Belfort?

          • sorry I meant the Mitrione Kimbo fight was on the card that was when I starting really getting in to it. It was the following cad, specifically the Bj Penn vs. Sanchez, which got me obsessed

      • @Zip It was a while ago but I thought he beat him up on the ground until he got the TKO from Kimbo exhausting/G&P?

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          My bad. You are absolutely correct. I was thinking of the Petruzelli fight.

  • Number of times, "know" or "Know what I"m sayin'" was used in this video – 25.

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      You actually counted LOL. I couldn't get through it.

      • I actually did count them all. I had to, someone would have called me on it. I'm not an idiot. LOL!

  • This guy is punch drunk fool, Kimbo would destroy him in a Boxing match.

  • I hope this happens Id love to watch Kimbo knock this fool out.

  • Mo is an okay power puncher especially when mixed in with the threat of his great wrestling but Kimbo is actually decent at boxing (even though his boxing career is mixed with fixes and weight mismatches).

    I seem to remember Mo getting smashed by Feijao's hands.

    Bellator want to attract some fighters with the option of doing other things but at the end of the day they want their guys in THEIR arena, so what I'm saying is if Mo is doing Pro Wrestling, MMA and potentially now Boxing… how active will he be in Bellator?

    • @ Keith

      Probably active enough. To be honest, I take my hat off to him for thinking of all the ways he can to make money. If the money is as bad as I'm lead to believe it might be (for lower tier fighters in The UFC and I assume all other promotions), then you can't blame him man. I nearly fell over when I read what Bendo is getting paid. I realize not everyone is going to make GSP or Silva money, but that was pretty sad, if true.

  • King Mo and rampage would have been a great fight, but apparently the two are now dating eachother and taking things slow..