Boxing Champion James Toney wants to fight Kimbo Slice


  • why Kimbo?
    Why not Mir or Lesnar or carwin or or….
    why take a so called BEST HW boxer and put him against a low rank MMA fighter?
    Lets put iron to iron and see Toney get totally destroyed.

  • He says hes still champ in one of the millions boxing leagues

  • Even Kimbo would know to take him down instantly and watch him get pounded out.
    MMA cardio is different from Boxing cardio

  • I think Kimbo would get this to the ground and just pound

  • toney hands down! kimbo wouldnt have a chance for a ground game! i do like kimbo thoe! he is kool!

  • sorry man, I dont think I even mentioned a KO, so dont be so offended
    I have seen many many guys destroyed on the ground and thats exactly where Toney will fail, again, never said anything about a KO.
    Go fight your little brother or something

  • well smart guy, how many boxers have fought in MMA?
    Im waiting for your reply.

  • I guess your saying no-one can take this guy down? LMAO

  • pro boxers are more dangerous , kick boxers are even more. mma fighters got less in the stand up department. unless they have pro boxing such as VITOR. have fun tryn to take them down too the ground.

  • wot would toney fighting kimbo prove, **** sake obviously he wud smash kimbo, if he thinks hes the man he shud be calling out lesnar but i think he knows tht if he had a fight wiv lesnar he wud have to be peeled off the canvas of the ring afterwards