Junior Dos Santos Plans On Fighting Cain Velasquez After UFC 166


Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos went through a very trying period of time before, during, and after losing his title to Cain Velasquez at last December’s UFC 155. ‘Cigano’ was reportedly getting a divorce, and severe overtraining had broken down his kidneys to the point of him urinating out the contents of his own muscles.

The end result was a one-sided throttling from Velasquez and a subsequent depression. However, ‘Cigano’ found his way back to the win column with a highlight reel spinning kick knockout of Mar Hunt at UFC 160, earning him the right to face Velasquez for a third (but perhaps not final) time. Dos Santos met up with our friends at MMA H.E.A.T. to discuss his excitement heading into the trilogy bout:

“I’m excited to go there and show how hard I trained at the gym and how I’m prepared for this. I just keep my focus on my objective, and I wanna be champion again. I’ve already felt this once, and I wanna feel it again.”

With the distractions that haunted him prior to his last meeting with Velasquez out of the way, ‘Cigano’ has a clear head going into what may be the biggest fight of his mixed martial arts career. He’s going to need it, because Velasquez has only been beaten once, albeit by a massive Dos Santos overhand right at UFC on Fox 1 in November 2011. After a humbling loss, that’s a performance he feels he can repeat this Saturday:

“I’m feeling great, I’m doing a great job taking care of myself. No injuries, nothing. I’m just a little bit smarter. We have to learn from the negative things, and I have. I got more experience now, it’s gonna help me a lot in this fight. I know they (the fans) are rooting for the best, so the best is gonna win.”

Dos Santos never has a lack of confidence heading into his bouts, but he never appears cocky. Win or lose at UFC 166, it’s hard to argue that he’s still not one of the best two heavyweights in the world. But he plans on winning, and when he does, he expects to face off with his rival Velasquez once again:

“Sooner or later, we’re gonna fight again.”

Check out his full interview:


  • I've been thinking this for quite some time, these two are destined to fight multiple times. They are both to young, talented, hungry and well matched to not fight again. Even in loss, neither is going to fade away and will merely become the top one or two contender, again. Another win or two and it's JDS / Velasquez IIII…IIIII etc.

    This could literally be an example of the old cliche…."if these guys fought ten times "x" would beat "y" z number of times.

    I'd bet the house on the fact that these two will meet again and more than once.

  • They are both still relatively young, Cain is 31 and JDS is 29, and they are both a big step above everyone else in the division, so the quadruple(?) could happen.

    But this will be the 3rd fight in 3 years, which is probably a saturation point for the ppv market. I think that the loser will be 1.5 – 2 years from a rematch, regardless of how many fights they win.

    • That my friend is a correct assessment!

    • Normally I agree, with the HW division I just don't know, it's the deepest it's ever been but it's still not a loaded with potential champions. With D.C leaving who ever loses this fight I don't see staying away that long because D.C will beat Roy all but eliminating him from ever having a chance. Overeem is a bum. Travis Browne is 1 of the only real contenders with potential. Big Foot will never fight for the belt again if cain has it. Barnett is a decent threat so they'll probably keep him away from the loser of cain and JDS knowing they'd both beat him and lose a contender. Werdum has a chance as long as he's never matched up with cain or JDS on the way. more less what I'm saying is the only way JDS and Cain don't fight over and over again is if the UFC literally keeps them away from who they want to fight next because they're the best 2 by far

  • Excuses Excuses Excuses!!!! If all this was going on, he should have bought himself more time by faking an injury while holding on to the belt like George St. Pe….i mean other atheletes

  • Considering how much better they seem to be than the rest of the division I'd love to see them fight each other every year. At least until one guy wins at least 3 in a row.