Junior Dos Santos: Maybe Cain Velasquez Is Superman


Arguably the UFC’s most powerful knockout artist, Junior Dos Santos is set to fight the biggest bout of his life tonight against heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez in the main event of UFC 166.

‘Cigano’ has a lot to prove after his one-sided decision loss to Velasquez at last year’s UFC 155. The demoralizing loss sent Dos Santos into a deep depression, but he’s apparently righted the ship and come back stronger than ever. That remains to be seen, but Dos Santos met up with Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting to discuss Velasquez’ recent comments that he didn’t finish ‘Cigano’ in the rematch because he wanted to punish him:

“My gosh. Wow. Maybe he’s the Superman. Actually I don’t think it’s true, it’s kind of very arrogant for him to say that, because he did everything he could do to finish the fight, but he wasn’t able to do that. I admire him as a fighter, normally he says good things, I like him. I don’t know why he said that.”

Dos Santos also detailed the issue of the cut he suffered over his right eye during training, which required stitches:

“It was a normal cut, it was an accident in the gym, it was a head. It was not a big thing, got some stitches three or four weeks ago, so it’s one hundred percent. It’s not a problem. When you train hard sometimes, accidents happen.”

Here’s to hoping that Dos Santos’ cut doesn’t come into play and effect the fight’s outcome, because that would be cheating for the fans. We’ve already seen an event ruined by a cut earlier this year at UFC Sweden, and it would be a shame for UFC 166 to experience the same. Thankfully it appears to be a non-issue at this point.

Dos Santos also underwent a significant amount of heat for his statements earlier this week that he would only require four months of training to defeat the Klitschko brothers in a boxing match, but he’s standing firm to his beliefs in that area:

“I really think about that, I’m a boxing guy. I could fight those guys and I could beat those guys. When I say that, it’s true. I could do that.”


  • "it’s kind of very arrogant for him to say that" and " I could fight those guys and I could beat those guys." – I find those lines a bit funny.

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      • Thanks for that. I wasn't sure if that comment was made out of jelly or summat.

  • Good point.

  • Yea right, Cain wanted to win by decision…..not.

  • I think Cain just said this because JDS said that Cain hits like a girl, but I still consider them, some of the most respectful fighters in the UFC!