Junior Dos Santos Labels Chris Weidman’s UFC 168 Win ‘An Accident’


Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos has been out of the news for quite a while following his second brutal loss to Cain Velasquez at last October’s UFC 166.

He’s been rumored to be finally facing off with Alistair Overeem, but “The Demolition Man” cited injured ribs as a reason to turn down a huge five round main event in Brazil with “Cigano.” So while he awaits his next opponent, dos Santos took the time to offer up his thoughts on current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

Speaking to MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz, dos Santos praised Weidman for beating Anderson Silva, but called his latest win over “The Spider” at UFC 168 a “mistake”:

That’s a sentiment that a lot of people seem to be echoing these days, and with Silva already back to training, a third fight with Weidman could eventually become a reality.

There are a lot of hurdles that have to be bypassed first, however, as Silva is still months away from stepping back in to the Octagon. Weidman also has a date with surging No. 1 contender Vitor Belfort at this May’s UFC 173, so “The Phenom” could conceivably own the belt when Silva does return.

That shouldn’t matter much to the UFC, though, as it was thought that Lyoto Machida would get a title shot with his win over Gegard Mousasi at last Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 36. Those plans were put on hold, so it’s hard not to speculate that the UFC is waiting to see how this unique situation plays out before booking any 185-pound title bouts past this May.

And that’s probably a good idea.

For all his brilliance, Machida isn’t near the draw that “The Spider” is, so you can bet Dana White & co. will be looking to get Silva back in the cage at any chance they can get. He’s getting old but he’s still regarded as one of the finest martial artists on the planet.

What do you think? Was Silva’s last loss to Weidman truly an accident like “JDS” says? Weidman shouldn’t really have to beat Silva for a third time to prove his reign is legitimate, but we may end up seeing it anyway.

Maybe that’s okay, too, because it’s undoubtedly one of the biggest fights the UFC could make.

As for dos Santos, he’ll just have to wait for a big name opponent as the ultimate heavyweight gatekeeper in his attempt to claw back towards a fourth shot at Velasquez. If the champ can’t return until late this year, dos Santos could find himself fighting the winner of April’s Travis Browne vs. Fabricio Werdum UFC on FOX 11 main event.

Stay tuned to LowKick for any and all developments in this ongoing saga.

  • Ivy

    Cain beat JDS twice, but those were just "accidents" too.

    • He never said that, if anything, his one win is more of an accident

  • I just don't see Anderson beating Weidman. Both fights, controversial ending or not, Anderson didn't really threaten Chris with anything expect for the leg kicks which were then taken taken care of. I think Chris is just his kryptonite and I would rather see Anderson fight someone else than Wiedman again. At the end of the day, Wiedman finished him twice

    • Weedman?

    • DG1

      It's not over yet but there's one fighter out there who seems to have his number, and that fighter is also the champ. The comment from JDS is a half-truth. It's also ironic coming from JDS, since Junior and Silva seem to be in exactly the same boat in their respective divisions – they can walk through everyone except the champ.

  • If you listen to Anderson talk he shows Weidman no respect. He says he respects him, but saying it and actually doing it are two different things.

    I watched an Brazilian interview with him a week ago, and it was all technical mistake this and technical mistake that, and Weidman "instinctively" raised his leg, but didn't do it because he had trained the check-knee…it's all BS and to be honest, he comes across as delusional. He lost twice. He got beat twice. He should just accept it and stop coming up with excuses.

    If he comes back, then it shouldn't be given a title fight. He needs to get in line the way everyone else does. Sadly, that line is no long made up of the likes of Leben, Franklin, Lutter, Cote, and Laites. Now the line is Weidman, Belfort, Machida, Souza and Rockhold. Times have changed in the middleweight division and easy win days at the top are over.

    Fight I'd like to see…Silva / Belfort II.

    • I agree with he needs to fight someone else first but I agree with Anderson on his take of the fight and many other fighters have chimed in on that loss as being accidental or fluke. I haven't heard any fighters truly saying they believe Weidman proved he was better. But yeah he lost and he needs to get a win first. He's got the best record of anyone in the UFC and so 1 fight should be enough. He could get a shot right away though if Belfort wins.

    • first: he IS NOT "everyone else". second: weidman might have check that kick. but how often to legs brake like this in a fight? the second fight DEFINATELY ended by an accident.
      "easy win days" are you kidding me??? this guy was a UFC champ for SEVEN years. and he made pretty much every win look easy. he absolutely dominated the division and even made LHW fighters look like amateurs.
      his legacy is cemented. and mark my word…its not over yet.

      • Ivy

        Yea, he dominated a division full of mostly tomato cans, not world beaters. He never was, and never will be the legend his fans think he is.

        • You only wish that were true Ivy. FAct is he dominated champs and was the only p4p league fighter to actually fight guys bigger than him with longer reaches. He faced multiple world champs in their prime. The joke is on you. Back in the day I thought Chuck was the best ever and felt he would destroy Anderson and I hated Anderson but the truth came to me over time and it was non negotiable, he's the best.

      • X – they drilled the check-knee through camp. Ray Longo broke a fighters shin in the same manner and with the same move, in training camp. Weidman himself, was bruising the crap out of fighters shins with the move, in camp.

        The bottom line is that Weidman did what he had trained to do and Silva broke his leg on the move. When the outcome of an action fits the intent of the action, then it's not an accident.

        However and no matter the case, Silva fans will never accept that and will forever call it an accident. But then again can they really be blamed, because Silva himself keeps saying it was an accident. To me, the only accident that happened was the Silva through a kick at full force and ran into a check-knee move that Weidman had trained and then executed, and subsequent to that, Silva broke his leg.

        As to his championship run, I will stick by my original assertion that Silva had a lot of fights with opponents that were absolutely no challenge to him. Is he still a great fighter, sure he is. However and broken leg or not, the moment the middleweight division started to truly toughen up, Silva lost.

        Again, Silva's fans will always view the first fight as a fluke and the second fight an accident, and nothing is going to change that. Conversely, Weidman's fans will never cede the ground that Chris just flat out beat him and he'll do it again, if need be. The only thing CW's fans will have to debate will be 'what's the excuse going to be this time?'

        As to your marked word, I hope you're right. I hope it's not over, yet. I hope he does come back. However, that cemented legacy of his, if he takes another loss, then the mortar on the cement might begin to loosen
        and the same way it did for Fedor. Regardless, I too hope he comes back.

        • Chris himself said it was not his plan and did not expect it. He just wanted to protect himself. Accident. Have you never done something with a certain intention and it ended up differently?

          • He didn't expect to break Anderson's leg, no fighter trains for that to happen, but what he did train was to injure Silva's leg and/or foot to the point that Silva wouldn't want to throw leg kicks anymore b/c of the pain he received from Weidman checking the kicks. But he trained & tried to hurt Silva's leg, it worked out better than he expected, but he sure knew how & when to check the kicks, which is why Silva smashed his leg.

            Also, Silva's corner even stated that they believe Silva had his shin fractured from a previous kick, which Weidman checked as well, and then the kick that did break Silva's leg in half, was more powerful, but since it was already fractured, adding the knee as the point of contact with Silva's shin = broken leg. All b/c of two leg checks that Weidman trained for. More fighters will absolutely train leg checks if they are figthing a crazy kicker, just like you will see more fighters using the elbows to the side of the head when their opponent has them up against the cage, looking for a takedown.

            Weidman will not have the luck Silva had when he defended his belt. There are no Patrick Cote's, Leites, Maia, Lutter etc., which were BUMS in the WORST division in all of MMA. Weidman is looking at Belfort on TRT, not even close to the same bum/Belfort Silva fought years ago. Weidman will be looking at fighters like Lyoto, Desouza, Kennedy, Rockhold etc.

          • Not wanting to throw leg kicks anymore does not take you out of the fight though does it but this was an accident and took him out of the fight. Don't try and elaborately argue the accident part away. Simply, a thing happened that was not expected or desired.

        • fighters always lose at the end of their career. it must be tough to accept that your body is aging when you feel like you still have it. fedor's legacy is cemented no matter what.
          Of course I agree that you can train what weidman did to defend himself. but again…how many times have we seen this cause a leg-brake like the one silva suffered? maybe three times in broadcasted fights? the likelihood of an event also determines if something is a lucky incident.
          yes, I am a silva fan because he not only is a great, effective fighter but entertaining as hell! without this guy the sport would just lose a whole lot of excitement. I mean seriously…don't you guys agree?
          I don't want to take anything away from weidman's abilities.
          he capitalised on silva's clowning around in the first one which no one before was able to do. the second one ended with a broken leg that silva broke himself…with his own force.
          even weidman fans must admit that the outcome of both fights doesn't really give us an honest answer to the question who really the better fighter is. weidman won, yes. but I'm sure that even he himself is not 100% convinced that he beat silva the way he would have liked to..

      • X: Those LHW's were pretty much amateurs dude, except for Forrest, but he wasn't a threat to Silva. Forrest was fed to the sharks, he was hand picked to give Silva what he desperately needed at that time, which was a highlight reel KO. Silva had 2 or 3 horrible title defences & Dana even stated that he might even put Silva on an under card, thats how pissed he was at Silva, b/c the fnas were all pissed at Silva for his clowning performances. Cue Forrest, forrest a big slow brawler vs. an accurate & fast counter striker…. yeah Forrest wasn't set up to "fail" LMFAO! Forrest likes to rush forward swinging sloppy punches, which was perfect for Silva to get his highlight reel KO, and it worked.

        As for Silva vs. Irvin & Bonnar….. BAHAHAHAHA Irvin was a joke, he wasn't even ranked in the top 20, but he's going to fight one of the best ever…. WTF?!? That makes NO sense, considering Silva was/is bigger than IRvin & never beat anyone of importance. Bonnar was never ranked in the top 10, was never even considered anything more than one of the guys who saved the UFC back in 2005 on TUF! Bonnar haden't fought, let alone trained in a year, he was all but retired, and then he fights one of the best ever….?!? WOW, how impressive, Silva made bums look like bums….. how'd he do that?!? Had he done that vs. Evans, or LHW's who were ranked in the top 10, then sure I'd be sold, but the bums at LHW, along with MANY bums at MW proves what?!? Sure Silva fought/beat a few top fighters… Franklin, Henderson, Sonnen & two guys who were above avg. but not "great" were Marquardt & Belfort. Belfort was out for almsot 2 years & his 1st fight back was vs. Silva, yeah what ring rust?!?

        Once Silva fought someone his onw size & who had wrestling, Silva was FUCT! Sonnen owned him for 6 of 7 rounds, which was 6 more rounds anyone had ever given him credit for. Which is why Silva didn't want to fight LHW. He only fought 1 dimensional bums @ LHW & who had NO wrestling. He fought Weidman, someone just as big, just as strong with great wrestling, which is why Silva didn't want to fight him, Weidman was a bigger & better Sonnen. The results are proof. To say his checks were a "fluke" is people/idiots telling themselves that to sleep better at night. fighters check kicks to make their opponent think twice of throwing another kick, b/c of the pain they get from kicking a shin or knee, and Weidman timed it perfectly. No he didn't expect it to break in half, but he tried to injure Silva's leg, which is planned, not fluke. Fluke is dos Santos KOing Cain in under 90 secs, b/c he got spanked the next 9 rounds. Weidman almost KO'd Silva in the 1st round of the rematch, what did Silva do in the two fights?!? Exactly, not much! Not bad for a "kid" with 9 & 10 pro fights under his belt.

        • Such BS man, Jones Bones was losing to Bonnar in the 3rd round. Bonnar took it to Jones and had nothing for Silva, Bonnar also was never finished until Silva. Vitor took it to Jones and lasted 4 rounds while almost submitting him, Vitor lasted less than a round with Silva and was KO'd for the first time by Silva. Weidman facing Silva is a conundrum at the moment since Silva regularly loses the begging round and freakish stuff has happened in those fights as well as the fact that Silva is nearly 40 now and out of his prime for a few years. Weidman is bigger than Silva in every way as well, reach, height and structure. GSP, Jones and Aldo all fought fighters with shorter reach and smaller mass until GSP fought Hendricks who was still a far shorter reach. Please stop joking around.

    • Weidman looked that much better in the second fight against Silva….Silva's spell had been broken, his bullshit antics exposed. You have to remember Brian that Jnr dos santos took 50 minutes of pure beating from Cain. Longo worked like a madmen on weidmans leg checks. Belfort wont get caught like that again….It will definetly be the next title fight if Belfort wins

  • No. It was not an accident.

    • Yes. It was an accident.

    • No it was not.

      Funny, Anderson made a technical mistake, Chris wasn't technically correct, he was just "instinctive." Sure.

      Weidman picked up his leg and squeezed / contracted it, as instructed and drilled, thus presenting a hard contact surface and an acute angle and viola, Silva got his leg broken. It was no accident. Bruise it badly or brake it, that's the point of the check-knee and Silva got the worst of the two scenarios.

      Curious, 'when' Silva comes back and if he's so confident that it was and accident, I wonder if he'll throw the kick again with the same confidence, or back off the moment he sees a knee come up? If he backs off or doesn't throw with the same confidence, then maybe that's the best evidence of the fact that his breakage wasn't an accident.

      • Yes it was. Another accident was GSP's latest win. Sometimes you get lucky. My dad knew a guy who killed another man with a punch and he trained as a boxer, was it his training and was it the norm for that result? It was an accident that had more brutal results than expected or desired.

        • How's winning 3 rounds to your opponents 2 lucky?!? I guess the same way Hendricks got lucky vs. Pierce, Koscheck & Condit?!? Now Hendricks gets a small taste of what 3 of his opponents went through, except that GSP actually won the 1st round, but it was close. Why did Hendricks beat Condit?!? B/C he took him down 12 times & did nothing with it, when in reality, Condit did more damage from the bottom than Hendricks did from the top.

          Falcon: You need to educate yourself more, Weidman didn't "try" to break Silva leg, but he trained to injure Silva's leg and/or foot. He just ended up with the best possibility, like his coach said, he broke some guys shin when he checked his opponents leg kick. He didn't say… "okay I'm going to check his leg kick & break his shin", but what he did say was I'm going to check his leg kicks & he's going to either regret doing them, or he's not going to want to kick me anymore. He still trained to check Silvas kick, thats called timing, just like counter punching, when ur opponent throws a punch, you counter. It's all timing, but Weidman ended up getting the best case scenario.

          • The same way Hendricks got lucky with Josh and Condit yes. There you go you are starting to sere it. How is it the best possability if Weidman said he did not want it to happen and never imagined it would. It has never happened in the UFC before and is a 1 in a million event. Just like eye pokes that happen all the time are accidents this even more so.

  • JDS always talking trash. Cain's fault…that brain is damaged.
    No it was not an accident!!
    That monkey loses the two fights…plain and simple, period!

    • He lost two fights period. No problem with that. But it was an accident the second time period and the first time was strange period.

      • The 1st time was "strange" why b/c he was clowning like he did vs. Cote, Maia, Leites, Forrest & Bonnar?!? He was the greatest when he was clowning them & he won, but it's strange when he clowned Weidman & got KTFO?!? STFU you idiot, take Silva's nuts out of your mouth for a min & think. It's funny how you Silva nut huggers are all BUTT HURT b/c he got KO'd in the 1st Weidman fight, doing what he's done his entire career, clowning. He didn't respect Weidman & paid for it ZzzZzz! It's really that simple!

        The rematch, Silva almost got KTFO in the 1st round, while in the clinch. Silva is usually the stronger of the two fighter while in the clinch, except vs. Weidman, which is why Weidman almost put Silva to bed a 2nd time. Watch the fight again, Silva was still feeling the effects from that punch in the 1st round. Silva didn't land one punch in the 2nd round, he was so slow & Weidman was backing up or moving out of the way of Silva's strikes. Either Weidman is faster than Silva, or Silva was still feeling the effects from the 1st round. Weidman would have taken Silva down again in the 2nd round & TKO'd Silva later in the fight, whether it was going to be in the 2nd or the 5th. Either way, Weidman has Silva's number & his two finishes prove that. Buy another box of tissues, lock your bedroom door, ask your mom to lay your supper on the floor & you'll get it later, and just get it all out, let the tears flow out of your eyes & blow your nose. You'll be alright, there's a new MW champ & his name is WEEEDMAN!

        P.S when you lay your dishes on the floor outside your door for you mom to pick up, write a little note & ask her for a little bottle of vaseline with the next meal, b/c your sensitive little nose is going to be red & sore from all that crying & blowing.

        • Says the guy going off in a tantrum. You're just hoping I am struggling as much as you over this.lol.

    • This is what i hear when you type "Jaydee eth alwayth talkin chwash. Cainth faowt… that bwain ith damichth. No it wath naught an athident!! Dat monkey lootheth two fyth…pwain an thimpal, peeweud!

  • By definition, an accident is "a sudden event that was not planned or intended". http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/accident

    So, the only way Silva breaking his leg qualifies as an accident is if Weidman did nothing to cause it to happen. For example, if Anderson broke his shin when Chris was flat-footed, it would have been an accident.

    But Weidman intentionally checked the kick which means, BY DEFINITION it wasn't accidental. Did Weidman intend to break Silva's leg? Okay, no, that would be silly.

    But he did react to an attack with a defensive response. And sometimes, checking a kick will break someone's leg. If you really power the kick, like Anderson does, the odds are better. If you have a long, slender frame like Anderson does, it's even more likely.

    Patrick Cote lost to Silva at UFC 90 because his leg gave out, and there wasn't even checking involved, so if you believe that Anderson lost by accident, then I guess you also believe that win was an accident, and will adjust the Spider's won-loss record accordingly.

    • Actually, Weidman said himself he did not intend it to break his leg. So the definition supports that it was an accident. Patrick Cote fight was an accident as well. Easy to see that. There are loads of accidental injuries in MMA. Eye pokes for example they punch the head and intend to hurt the head but they get the thumb in the eye with a closed fist, do they cheer and say yes, thats what I was going for? Chris said, he did not mean to break his leg, end of story.

      • By the way I never said Silva won and nobody is saying that so where does that come from? We don't need to adjust win/loss records with accidents. Thats where all the Silva haters show themselves reaching for something. This is the fight they have been waiting for and now it's controversial as to who is better, not who won. They hate it. I accept he lost but I rally that there still is no decisive decision on who's better. Sure go and say he was losing up to that point, I agree but Silva is the guy who starts off bad all the time and wins in the end. Chris may be better, but that is yet to be proven.

        • Falcon, as we determine who is better by which fighter wins and which losses, does that not, by default, mean that Weidman is better than Silva and not in spite of his victory over Anderson, but rather because of it.

          They've fought twice, Silva's lost twice, both times by T/KO in the second round and he resoundingly lost the first round of both bouts. To the point, he nearly got finished in the first round of the second fight. Sadly my Guinness blessed friend, I don't see how Silva is better than Weidman or how the question is even up for debate.

          …bangers and mash on me if Silva comes back and proves wrong, by actually beating Weidman.

        • Falcon, as we determine who is better by which fighter wins and which losses, does that not, by default, mean that Weidman is better than Silva and not in spite of his victory over Anderson, but rather because of it.

          They've fought twice, Silva's lost twice, both times by T/KO in the second round and he resoundingly lost the first round of both bouts. To the point, he nearly got finished in the first round of the second fight. Sadly my Guinness blessed friend, I don't see how Silva is better than Weidman or how the question is even up for debate.

          …bangers and mash on me if Silva comes back and proves me wrong, by actually beating Weidman.

          • Faber vs Brown, Faber lost two fights to Brown and never defeated him. But we all agree that Faber is the better fighter who had bad luck of running into Browns punch in the first fight and then breaking both hands in the second fight. We learned over time that Faber was by far the better fighter though.

          • Brown was finished quickly by Aldo and Faber went 5 rounds. If you look at their fights outside of each other you see that Brown got blessed with circumstance.

    • dude you're wasting your time, he's so BUTT HURT that he's not interested in the truth. He likes to tell himself Weidman was lucky in both fights, that just so happened to end in KO & TKO, from Weidman's training/"fluke". He trained to punch and KO Silva, but it's b/c Silva was clowning that he lost, but when he clowned and won, Silva is the GOAT. When Weidman trained hours & hours on checking leg kicks, it was a fluke that WEidman timed Silva's kick(s) perfectly. Pretty impressive, to attempt a leg check & break the guys shin with your knee, that's luck, but had Silva done it, he would be the GOAT! Just like when Silva KO'd people while clowning, but when he gets cought making an ass out of himself, it's b/c of bad luck.

      P.S I guess Weidman almost KO'ing Silva in the 1st round of the 2nd fight was luck as well right, Weidman definitely didn't train to punch of work his clinch during training, that would just be stupid! Poor Silva nut huggers, what ever will you do….. (sigh)

      • I'm not butthurt, just don't see how anyone can think those were normal scenarios. Silva clowned like normal but that was the most he had ever done which is why the rematch was needed and then in the rematch he broke his leg in a freak accident. Sh*t happens. You guys have been waiting for 8 years to see the guy lose and now it's not the way you wanted it. I know after 8 years of being butthurt your a*s must be completely reemed by now and you just want Silva fans to have a small taste of what you've been suffering with for the better part of a decade.

    • Exactly!