Junior dos Santos expects the best Cain Velasquez, is always looking to evolve


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of the Lowkick community!

In a training video from UFC.com, Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos answers some questions about his upcoming title defense versus former champ Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 this Saturday.

Dos Santos explains his mindset and expects Velasquez to be at his best, as they were both facing injuries prior to last year’s initial bout. Velasquez was shockingly knocked out in a mere 64 seconds by Cigano, but most expect the fight to last longer this time. However, with these two monsters, anything could happen. 

The video is a good look at the champ’s calm and cool demeanor, as he rarely comes off cocky and conceited while answering some solid questions. Dos Santos acknowledges his success but strives to always evolve regardless of how lofty his perch has become.

  • I have JDS via – TKO

    Ho ho ho Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  • He missed his flight to Vegas, spent 6 hours just to get to his first local connection in Brazil….will arrive one or two days late….hope it does not throw him off a bit.

  • Knees are the key to Cigano's victory watch for Velasquez to use leg kicks, interesting this fight depends on strategy more than anything this is the future of MMA. Nice to see the Heavy Weights evolve as well, imagine one day the heavies will be as technical as light weights.

    • To be honest htese two guys may be as technical as any lightweight guy out there.

      Both these small HWs use their extreme skill level and perfect techniques, combined with a natural ferocity, to destroy opponents.

      Velasquez is easily one of the most technical wrestlers in our sport and JDS can box technically with the best of em

      • I would not put them on a par with the LWs just yet. Cain looked sloppy against JDS and neither of them have been tested enough to know how deep their all round game is. I would put JDS boxing on a par with most LWs it is superb but all round game we just don't know yet. Until the division evolves en masse it remains hard to judge. You could well be right but it's too early to say just yet IMO.

        • Cain looked sloppy because he had a shoulder surgery that hadn;t healed up yet and a torn ACL

          • @ Keith

            JDS had a bum knee going into their previous fight, did he not? I seem to recall him saying that after the fight. If so, then I'd say the injuries cancel out and it's becomes a push.

          • @Truth I'm not justifying his ACL for his loss, I'm just saying that's why he looked sloppy, especially on the TD attempt.

  • JDS reminds me of Liddell a few years back. Great boxing and brilliant TD defense that rules over a division without much depth at world class level. Overeem will test him for sure providing he passes the piss test and hasn't turned into a Christmas Yule porridge now he's off the horse meat.

    It is hard to tell how this rematch will go down because it was over so fast which can happen to anyone, especially in the HW division. I suspect if Cain cannot get the TD it will be another KO at some point for JDS as his boxing is more technically advanced and his footwork on another level to Cain. If Cain can get the TD and do something with it a few times the outcome could be different.

    • If jnr lands on the mat and is unable to get up, he will be saying the exact same thing as joe rogan said when commentating in the bigfoot fight…krunch zlonk klonk bam kapow ouch whamm zap kapow

  • I'm picking JDS. His boxing and footwork are outstanding. His TDD is great. He's never been hurt or put in trouble in a fight. At least not that I can think of. He's dominated everyone he's faced.

    Cain's fight strategy – I think the best road to victory for him would be kicks' and lots of them. Cain, as the superior wrestler, should have nothing to fear in terms of JDS taking him down, so take advantage of it. His kicking range is longer than JDS punching range, throw it out there and dare him to either take him down or have to come inside and turn it into a brawl. JDS loves to sit outside and throw those beautiful bombs, make him have to come inside and make it more of a street fight and less a pugilistic display.

    I think if he just goes in and tries to take him down he's going to waste his time and energy and open himself to getting stopped while trying to do so. Neither should he try and box with the man. JDS is too good.

    Bang on that lead leg and Cain could well win. With that said, I'm still picking JDS. 10 & 0. My guess is this is a one round fight.

    Merry Christmas, all.

    • @MMA truth…I saw crocop land a few good shots against JDS when they fought but eventually JDS ran straight through crocop in the 3rd round when they fought.

      I like Cain in the rematch because of the way he destroyed bigfoot and controlled Brock Lesnar. If Cain can get jnr tired in later rounds I think he will take the fight. Plus he is supposedly coming in healthy.

      Just days away can't wait !

      • But Enjoy…

        (Working my way backward)

        Lesnar and Bigfoot are not Jr. Whatever Cain did against them, doesn't mean much, TBH. Not in my calculus, at any rate.

        You raise the matter of the CroCop fight – exactly! That's my point. CC was / is a great stand-up fighter known for his kicking power. And yes, JDS finally walked through it. However, here's the rub. As Lesnar and Bigfoot are not JDS. Cain is not CroCop. He's a high level, big, strong, athletic, smart, wrestler, who can kick-box and carries power. He can win, but only if he fights the right fight. From what I saw on Prim-Time tonight, I saw a recipe for disaster. A whole lot of talk about putting him on his back. If I was Cain's strategist, I'd work off of the assumption that we can't put him on his back. Now, what do you do? JDS is a bitch, man. He's not Champ by accident. No one has been able to do what Cain is looking to do.

        I'll get back to my original contention and run it through your filter. If CroCop had Cain's wrestling skills, needing nothing else, how might the fight have gone? If he stayed outside, kicked the hell out of that lead leg, not caring what JDS does about it, he's stands a good chance of winning.

        The kick reach is longer than the punch reach. If he hammers that leg, he takes away JDS's power and mobility. If JDS gets frustrated, he has to do one of two things, stop boxing and begin to brawl, which Cain is good at or he has to start throwing kicks, at which point, Cain will take him down.

        However, I think a take-down game plan, a stand and trade punches from a distance game plan or a moving forward attempting to brawl game plan, ends up in a loss for CV. Kick him and force him to come to you, either by way of TD attempt or closing the distance to brawl, would be my advice. But the exchanging punches from a distance, TD or up against the cage activity will end up in a loss for Cain.

        Going to be a great fight. Still think JDS in the first.

        • @mma Truth…..Cain has 9ko to his record and 1 loss. However I will confess that 5 of those KO's come from not highly ranked UFC competitors. He did however beat Big nog by KO who boasts a boxing pedigree. You know one thing for sure that he wont be dominated on the mat. So it all comes back to his standup…jnr has the best boxing in the division so chances are he is not going to get stopped by cain. But anything can happen. Take away that one punch by dos santos and we really don't have much more information to compare skill sets…It would be different if the knockout came in round three, four or five. I'm predicting a win by cain. I think he will bring cardio, and a really strong wrestling emphasis. But if it stays on the feet, cain is likely to get busted up if he cant get jnr to the ground and do some damage.

        • "JDS is a bitch, man. He's not Champ by accident. No one has been able to do what Cain is looking to do. "
          …………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Seriously? I think you are.

          • @ Entity

            I think you are misunderstanding the use of the word "bitch", here. I mean it in a good way, not a bad way. I am not insulting JDS. I am complimenting him. I mean bitch in the sense of tough, not easy, no joke…he's a bad-ass as Rogan would say.

            I hope this clears up any misunderstanding(s).

  • I would like Cain to win. But than again JDS vs Overeem sounds soo appealing.

  • I say JDS by Ko again i hope it goes longer then the 1st time. I def would like to see a non juiced up Overeem fighting JDS .

  • OverRoid is a juiced up bully with a shitty attitude.
    He hasnt faced anyone like JDS and will get smashed mark my words!
    FK Overroid.

  • Wish I could say something bad about JDS but I can not. Both men are classy and have respect. WAR Cain. Good luck to both.

    • @ Def

      There's a nice, honest statement. Any two guys prepared to get in the ring for pay and passion, all to entertain us, deserves our respect.

      Picking apart weakness or running "what if" scenarios is one thing, but it should never extend take beyond polite, respectable, "having some fun" banter. Some take it well beyond. Their support for a fighter seems to turn into some cult-of-personality. Their fighter is the best and every other fighter is a piece of trash. To me, if you are a fan of the sport, then you have to be a fan of the fighters. It takes two to dance and if those other pieces of "trash" weren't there, your leader wouldn't have an opponent.

      In the words of the late, great Rodney King – "can't we all just get along".

      Best of luck to your fighter on Saturday.

      War JDS!