Junior dos Santos on Cain Velasquez: He Hits Like A Girl


Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos got back into the win column in a big way when he knocked Mark Hunt out with an incredible spinning wheel kick at UFC 160. And now he’s headed for arguably the biggest fight of his life when he faces Cain Velasquez in the main event of UFC 166.

The trilogy match will showcase dos Santos’s chance at redemption after catching a thunderous right hand from Velasquez en route to losing the title in a one-sided affair at UFC 155.

However, dos Santos isn’t giving much credit to the fight-changing punch that lead to his demise. He recently appeared on the Brazilian radio program Panico, and had an interesting take on the current champion’s striking ability:

“I had no cuts against Cain Velasquez. And he hits like a girl. He hit me a lot during the five rounds, but did not open any cuts, although I was very bloated and had to go to the hospital.”

While his comment may come as no surprise considering the murderer’s row of power punchers that JDS defeated throughout his mercurial rise to king of the UFC heavyweight division, it is interesting in the sense that none of his previous opponents could even come close to damaging JDS on the feet. And he beat Shane Carwin, Roy Nelson, Hunt, Cro Cop, and Gilbert Yvel. That’s quite the power-filled lineup right there.

Even though dos Santos may have emerged from his second bout with Velasquez without a cut on his face, post-fight photos would suggest that Velasquez definitely hits with some power. The champ has made a career of bouncing would-be title contenders’ heads off the canvas with his brutal style of ground-and-pound.

Both come into the October bout with momentum, so it will be a tough match to predict. It may come down to who lands the first big power shot. And despite what dos Santos believes, a clean shot from either fighter will end your night with a quickness. Who will emerge victorious with the title this fall?


  • hey JDS, MMA is not about opening any cuts or hitting like a man or a girl, is about winning fights…

    oh by the way I dont remember you opening any cuts to Cain…

  • i hope cain puts him to sleep

  • I think he just admitted to getting his *** whipped by a girl

  • I remember JDS looked like "Jackie Stallone" after the fight. Just a thought that appeared after I read his comment.

    • This time Cain is going to make him look like Sylvester Stallone (from the expendables). That'll be nice!

  • No love for Junior so Ill throw this out there, Cain hit him with everything he had and couldnt put him away. Didnt matter cause he didnt need to to win but still, he couldnt.

    • Maybe so but Junior looked pretty wobbly during that fight. He can say anything he likes the fact is that he was hurt in that fight.

  • I liked JDS before he started opening his mouth. But I find it tough to cheer for anyone who has "Brown Pride" tattoo'd on their chest. What kind of racist **** is that…double standards just piss me off

    And back to re-inserting my tampon

    • Not to start crap, but since you brought it up, his dad admitted to sneaking into the USA 3 times before he succeeded entering. If our current laws were actually enforced…his whole family would be deported back to Mexico.
      Hes an illegal immigrant with his double standard tattoo. If Brock had white pride across him, all h3ll would break loose.

      Beyond that, Cain is a great fighter.

      • There is a world of difference between a white and a brown pride tattoo. To even equate the two shows either a willing blindness to history or an inadequate education.

        " You hear this a lot from skinheads—that Mexis proclaiming “Brown Pride” is just like them pushing white pride, so why is it okay for mestizos to be proud of their race but not Whites? That twisted logic shows how pendejos those skins are. The more accurate corollary to brown pride would be the Black Power or Yellow Power movements of the 1960's from which Brown Power emerged. That era saw historically oppressed minorities try to instil a sense of orgullo in themselves, try to deprogram centuries of gabacho thought and laws that maintained minorities should be ashamed of who they are. More important, though, brown pride in its most-common manifestation hasn’t been used to preach race supremacy or to terrorize minorities ala the proponents of white pride. Can gabachos be proud of their roots? Damn straight—celebrate your mick or wop or honky ancestry, gabachos, but given that the definition of “white” continuously changes in this country (the Irish once weren’t; Mexis once were), anyone boasting of “White Pride” is as deluded as a, well, a skinhead." – Gustavo Arellano

        • uhhh dude, I think we all know what happened in the 40's bro. But theres no reason I cant be proud of who I am. Im just not allowed (so to speak) to sport that tattoo.

        • Finally someone with brains. Agree 100%.
          Its not doble standars, when a white person proclaims *********** or pride its not pride of their race, its claiming superiority over the rest by making all others inferiors , while any minority being proud of of their roots is because they no longer Care about the white oppression telling them they are less . The closes thing to Cains brown pride meaning would be white people claiming to be proud Americans, because they are claiming being proud of their history and customs not race

          • Soooo just because I was born white Im supposed to bear the burden of what others did? Screw that. I'll always be proud of who I AM and will be responsible for my actions and how I treat others. By the way, England was the first country to suppress and enslave third world nations.

          • An Irishman with an inferiority complex believes himself to be just as good as everyone else
            -James Joyce- (just sayin')

          • Wrong.
            Do some reading about the Romans dude.

          • lol, I wasnt going that far back….humans are humans what can I say. Even trained lions have instinct you cant remove 100%

          • Lets not forget the foam flinging from Brock's mouth as he won and rushed the cage….that was pretty indicative of an animal prevailing in a battle.

          • And the Egyptians and the Persians and the Greeks and just about every civilization that has ever existed. The Aztecs were pretty brutal as well.

          • Entity, I know it is hard to wrap your brain around so let me break it down plain and simple. If you proclaim pride in being say, German or Irish or French; this is totally cool. It carries no implication of racism and you can do it all day. If you proclaim white pride you are using a term that everyone understands to have racist overtones. The only people who lament this are racists. Black Pride and Brown Pride don't carry racist overtones because most New World people who are not white can't trace their lineage to a specific country. Many of the people we call Hispanic have little to no Spanish blood at all. They are Natives who have been labeled such as part of their conquest by Europeans. Due to the history of the Americas there is however no way for these people to be sure one way or the other what their full ethnic make up is (without expensive genetic testing) so a term like Brown Pride makes a lot more sense than Hispanic or Mexican pride. If you are a New World Black then you have no Idea what your Nationality is hence Black Pride.

  • At least he doesn't lay on his back and take it like a girl. Jk

  • I like JDS but his statement doesn't make any sense… Okay… my face looked like I got hit with a bat over and over… and I had to go to the hospital… but… I wasn't cut and he hits like a girl.

    Still think as long as Cain avoids taking some crazy shot from Jr. … Jr. is in for another long night. Belt will stay with Cain IMO..

  • sigh…
    like jds, but what he's said was a little poor…expected more from him

    might as well said 'my dad is harder than your dad'

    i think jds was unprepared for cain, not taking anything from cain…i think round 3 could be anyones fight, more so who's more prepared (cv imo)

  • Holy ****… I laughed my *** off when I read this ;DDD HAHAHAHA. JDS is very funny sometimes.

  • I liked the old humble JDS more. Funny, how dude got beaten up by someone who hits like a girl for 5 rounds. And his face, let's not talk about his after fight face. HAHA. Unsure if dude is being funny, serious or just hyping the fight with trashtalk.

  • That's interesting – What's the explanation for JDS crashing to the canvas in the first? JDS does not have a chin if cain hits like a girl. Also JDS may not have had cuts but looked like he in full costume for his appearance in the new show walking dead, after Cain was finished with him.

  • That is awesome. How many people would have the cojones to say the heavyweight camp hits like a girl?

    Don't over analyze this lads, JDS is just doing a little pre-fight trash talk. I always thought he tended to be a little to polite, so I hope he keeps it up.

    • ahhh now everyone hates jr. i dont care what jds said, jr is tough as nails and a little comment like that doesnt change my perception of him at all. the two are gonna fight, and everyone expects him to say he really kicked my *** into the dirt? he knows what happened, but that doesnt mean he has to give cain props for beating him up and taking his title.

  • Santos was probably told to talk some smack for media.

  • Why is Jds trying to become Cheal Sonnen? I guess success does change a man.

  • can't take anything away from JDS, he was at once the world champion. as for cain hitting like a girl, does this look like the face of a heavyweight who was hit by a girl? http://www.mmafightcorner.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/dsc04235.jpg

    • lmao, looks like Santos was chasing parked cars.

  • I really hope he makes Cain mad.

  • JDS sold out in my opinion, I hope he doesnt continue this trend because he is a good guy. Lets all get along people. Life is to short to worry about dumb shiz.