Junior Dos Santos: Cain Velasquez Hasn’t Seen The Last Of Me


We are just days away from seeing UFC 160 and four of the best Heavyweights on earth going toe-to-toe. The main event is going to pit champion Cain Velasquez against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva in a match which will either bring revenge for Silva, or verification for Velasquez. Junior dos Santos will also look to get back to wining ways as he faces Mark Hunt.

‘Cigano’ was last seen in action taking one of the worst beatings I’ve ever seen in MMA courtesy of Cain Velasquez. The Mexican Machine snatched his title back in convincing fashion, leaving Dos Santos swollen and battered. JDS was recently quizzed about his thoughts on his MMA career, and whether he felt like the benefits out-weighed the possible long term health risks. Check out the interview courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

“You know, I think it’s worth it,” he said. “This is my life. This is everything I have. People don’t know how hard we [work] and what we sacrifice to [be successful]. MMA athletes train so much, you know. I would continue to [do what I’m doing]. I want it so badly. I want to give everything I have to this. This is everything to me.”

Dos Santos’ commitment to the sport is undeniable, his decision to return to fighting after such a beating speaks volumes about this guy’s grit. ‘Cigano’ was then prompted about his feelings towards the champ Velasquez:

“People will be talking about our fights for a long, long time, I believe,” he said. “That guy hasn’t seen the last of me.”

Lets see if his attitude and skillset are enough to match the surging Mark Hunt at UFC 160 on Saturday. Stay tuned to Lowkick!!





  • What a dedication! Now that is a real warrior spirit.

  • ian

    These two will definitely have another fight soon. Still rooting for Cain.

    • we dont need to watch the promotion because its 100% sure that cain and dos santos will win this one, bigfoot and hunt will taste a good beating.

    • i can honestly see cain and dos santos fighting eachother 4 or 5 times i think they are the only guys that will beat eachother

  • Right on Junior. I'm really looking forward to seeing you fight Hunt. Its a shame one of you has to lose cause you both fight like men and keep it standing. But that should make for an awesome knockout!

    • Whatever you say June. You were lucky in the first Fox Channel premier safety stoppage fight.

      • Love u @hate but hows it luck when u swing with the intent to KO some1 and u do??

  • I really can't make up mind on who to support. JDS and Cain are finest in this division and I can't wait for them to meet again.

  • "That guy hasn't seen the last of me."
    Ok now let me laugh: Hahahahaha!! of course not because the fight was just 5 rounds, but look at your face after the fight…it was so embarassing, I never saw a champion get beat that way…shut up JDS…you r a clown…after the fight you was more like Popeye Hahaha a joke!

    • And he showed the heart of a champion not to give up too!! Took his *** whipping like a man!!

      • Hahaha no sense at all on taking that beating…that was embarrassing…after so much trash talk!

  • JDS talk to much sssshhhhitttt! it's clear that fame is not for everybody, once he became a champion because of that lucky punch, then he became in a authentic trash talker!