Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez Head to Head: Who will win this Saturday?


UFC Heavyweight title is on the line this weekend, as Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez lock horns in Las Vegas, Nevada. First fight between the two left a lot of unanswered questions, as both fighters are preparing to prove a point inside the Octagon.

JDS is 9-0 in the UFC, and 15-1 overall. Cain Velasquez comes to this fight with a record of 10-1, with a convincing victory over Antonio Silva at UFC 146. Both fighters share 20 KO/TKO victories out of 25 possible.

So who will win on Saturday night? Here’s the breakdown:

Wrestling: 60-40 Cain

There’s no doubt that Cain Velasquez is one of the best wrestlers currently competing in Mixed Martial Arts. Velasquez is explosive and extremely durable when it comes to keeping his opponents on their back. More than anything, the A.K.A. product showed how fearless he is against bigger and stronger opponents. Yes, JDS is not exactly Antonio Silva when it comes to physique, but I expect Velasquez to go guns blazing against the champ just like he did at UFC 146.

Striking: 65-35 JDS

While Cain Velasquez is the man when it comes takedowns and top control, JDS excels on his feet. I think it’s no secret that Velasquez’s gameplan will include a lot of takedowns and clinching at the fence. It’s just hard to imagine Velasquez going toe-to-toe in stand-up with Junior dos Santos. Yes, Velasquez got tricks of his own, but JDS is really one of the Top 3 strikers in the UFC, alongside Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.

Grappling: 50-50 Draw

Both fighters are not exactly the most decorated grapplers in the UFC Heavyweight division. Yet, JDS’ grappling game is something that could become a deciding factor on Saturday night. If Velasquez is successful in his mission to put the Brazilian heavy-hitter on his back, Junior dos Santos will have no choice but to show how good he is on the ground. I think this is the most intriguing question coming to this fight, since JDS will have to prove he’s a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist, who can fight back from tough situations.