Josh Thompson Has A Message For Anthony Pettis: Let’s Fight, Man


Josh Thompson has made quite an impact since returning to the UFC. The former Strikeforce Lightweight champion knocked out Nate Diaz at UFC on FX: Henderson vs. Melendez, and put himself straight in to the title mix at 155. After a nine year absence, it hasn’t taken ‘The Punk’ long to make a case for a title shot, or at least a contender match.

Thompson, an AKA fighter, put himself in a great position by knocking out former title challenger Nate Diaz. So what’s the next step? Well, according to an interview with, Thompson would like to fight none other than Anthony Pettis:

“I’ve asked the UFC for the quickest possible path to the title,” Thomson said “I beat Nate [Diaz] and now the only logical fight would be Anthony Pettis. He made the drop to 145 and now he’s apparently injured. I won’t be ready until late September or early October. Benson and T.J. fight in August. The timelines add up, and it just makes for a great fight.”

You have to admit that Thompson does have a point, there aren’t many other logical choices in the Lightweight division. That being said, the UFC doesn’t always use logic in it’s matchmaking choices. Thompson continued:

“The way I see, Pettis passed on the chance to fight for the lightweight title to take a shot at featherweight. That didn’t happen, and now he has to get in line. I’m standing between him and the title shot, and there is nobody else. I’m right here waiting for him. I think it’s time the UFC steps up and tells Pettis if he wants to fight for that title, he needs to go through Josh Thomson. “

“I’m standing here in Las Vegas right now for the Fan Expo and I’m saying one thing,” Thomson added. “‘Pettis…let’s fight, man.”

A straight forward, level headed challenge from the former Strikeforce boss. Will ‘Showtime’ be interested though? He has been at the front of the line for a title shot for a long time now, and a loss to Thompson would probably send him straight back to square one.

That being said, I think Pettis would probably wreck Thompson. Anyone else agree?

  • Sounds good to me even though i do feel sorry for Pettis the man has been so close twice to getting his long time coming title shot

  • I don't see Pettis slightly interested in that fight. Oh well, everyone's calling out everyone now days.

  • He would like to think that… Thompson does not stand between Pettis and a title shot. Pettis already earned the shot. He got injured but is still the nr.1 contender. I would love him to fight Josh, that would be a great fight (a fight Josh would loose though…) but i highly doubt Pettis will take any other fight but a fight for the title…

  • Pettis wins that fight everday of the week….no thanks