Josh Koscheck set to face returning Robbie Lawler at UFC 157


Josh Koscheck had to pull out of his scheduled UFC 151 bout with Jake Ellenberger due to a back injury, although the card was ultimately canceled regardless. Now he has a new opponent, and it’s a name you never would have guessed.

According to the Orange County Register, former UFC fighter Robbie Lawler is making a return to the Octagon and dropping down to Welterweight to face the always controversial and outspoken Koscheck at UFC 157. With the addition of the bout, UFC 157 is shaping up to be quite the nice card, featuring the inaugural UFC Women’s bout and a Light Heavyweight all-star match in Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida. 

Lawler has always been known as an exciting fighter, with mixed results in both the UFC and Strikeforce. The Iowa-based striker started off with a bang as he went in 3-0 in the UFC in 2002. The road got rough, however, and Lawler later found success in other promotions, attaining the EliteXC Middleweight belt. He held on to it until the promotion folded. Most recently appearing in Strikeforce, he had an overall 3-5 record there.

Koscheck had been campaigning for some big fights, but after looking largely unimpressive against Johny Hendricks last spring, the UFC may want to give him more of a tune-up fight. After all, Kos just turned 35 and is coming off of an injury. This fight does have the makings to be exciting because Lawler is involved, but many deride Koscheck for his at-times boring wrestling style. What it will do is gauge if Koscheck truly has one run left in the ultra-tough UFC Welterweight division.  

  • Wow Lawler finally back in the UFC! Lawler was the very first name i knew in MMA when i watch UFC 45 , Lawler vs Lytle was the fight that got me hook on MMA!
    never understood why he left the UFC other than maybe avoiding fighting Hughes who was his training partner at the time.
    And Now hes back at WW thats amazing can't wait to see Lawler throw bombs on the octagon again.

    • that old lawler is gone he sucks now. Kos will run through him

      • Even the old Lawler would have lost to Kos. He ran out of gas routinely, and Kos will just wrestle him into the later rounds. Might even sub him in the third.

      • I agree with most of this statement. Koscheck is def. a better calibre of fighter. I dont think he will run through Lawler but IMO a easy win for the fighter we love to hate in Josh Koscheck.

      • I think Robbie has as much chance winning this fight as Arnold arnold swarchenegger and bill clinton have of getting blow jobs from their wives.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fanboy #1 of Robbie Lawler right here!!

    • He'll probably lose, but who cares.

      WAR LAWLER!!

  • I dont understand why you say Koscheck has a boring wrestling style inless you are saying that he will more than likely just try to take Lawler down in this fight instead of Standing with him? The only boring fight of Kos has had lately was the Daley fight so I dont think you can call Koscheck a boring wrestler

    • Did you see the Pierce fight? Basically a grindfest back and forth.

  • awww yeaaaaaaaa Lawler is back in the UFC, would be kool to c Lawler Ko Kos in his return

  • wow. can u say warm up fight

  • fuck off joe silva!! you goof!

  • At first when I heard about this I though good fight for Lawler but then remembering how bad he looked in the Larking fight after the first couple of minutes and being outwrestled by Kennedy gives me doubt he'll take this one

    • Also noticed a trend with his fights – if he can't KO you very early in the fight then he tends to lose.

  • If I had to name, what I think is the biggest problem in Koscheck’s game, I’d pick his ego.
    He’s a talented fighter and still, one of the few guys in the division that I see as a real threat to GSP, despite the 2 losses. He might well be the best (pure) wrestler and the strongest guy in the division. I think he possesses the best and most explosive shot @ 170, perhaps in all of The UFC. He has knockout power in his hands. He’s simply a gifted athlete.
    Yet, for as gifted as he is, he has always come up short at the wrong time. I put most of it down to his ego. He assumes that he’s better than everyone. That he can just go out there and KO someone or take them down. Unfortunately for JK, the division is now populated with powerful wrestlers with KO power, plus a snake killer named Demian Maia.
    I like him and I’d like to see him be successful. Even get another shot @ whoever the champion might be. However, he needs to game plan better, take his fellow powerful wrestlers more seriously and stop thinking that the victory will be his, simply because he showed up and he’s angry or has a chip on his shoulder. AKA or no AKA.

  • i think josh deserves a better opponent coming off a loss to the number 2 ww. robbie lawler is a good name but i he should build himself up at ww before getting a top 10 opponent right off the bat. for lawler i think a fight with kos starts him off with a loss as he comes back to the ufc. WAR KOS!!!