Josh Koscheck: I’d hate me too


Former UFC Welterweight title challenger, Josh “Kos” Koscheck, shared thoughts about his current status in the division, and what’s next for him inside the Octagon. Koscheck, who’s clearly not one of the fan favorites in the UFC, also spoke about his controversial personality, and the neverending trash-talk battles with everyone inside and outside the Octagon. Koscheck is expected to face Strikeforce vet Robbie Lawler on February 23, at UFC 157.

  • i never saw a threat with koscheck.

    just a wrestler with an overhand right.

    • anyjuan care to elaborate on the aforementioned "weakness" so i could perhaps comprehend it from your point of view?

      for the record, i weaked myself.

      • Maybe the only wrestler in the division better is GSP.
        As far as the weaks, I don't bother with them usually. 😉

        • koscheck isnt better at anything than gsp, I thought that was shown to us twice…

          Actually he is a better douche bag

          • Highkick…read my reply more carefully. I did not say he was better in wrestling than GSP.
            Let me put in easy grammar for you. Koscheck is probably 2nd best behind GSP….geez

        • @ Entity

          In a straight-up wrestling match, I think Koscheck could be the better wrestler. His shot is amazing, he's probably physically stronger than GSP and probably as athletically gifted.

          I would love to see GSP & JK in a pure wrestling match. It would be a lot of fun to see who came out on top.

          • MMATruth- a straight up wrestlijng meet between guys like GSP, Koscheck, Askren, Woodley, Hendricks, and SImpson would be breathtaking. I'd pay $60 US for it on PPV.

          • Even straight up grappling tournament…Maia, Roger Gracie, Jacare, Dan Hardy

          • Hahahahahaha, I was thinking "hey a few of these guys have already grappled against each other in the past, but this still could be coo…" Then saw the last name. I literally LOL'd

          • @ DK

            @ Hardy…LMFAO…LOL!!!

            I was reading that and taking it seriously, until….LOL!

          • @ Evan

            As you note, the 170 division and all divisions in general, have so many great wrestlers, that it would be awesome to see guys like GSP / JK go or Cain / Carwin…heck, they could bring Lesnar back, too.

            I don't know that it would warrant a PPV, but it would make one hell of a FOX / UFC event. I would certainly watch it if they put it together.

            I wonder if Dana ever considers or would consider, such an event?

      • Not liking kos his personality, but he's a very good fighter!
        Imo he's not boring, he's entertaining!
        I don't see a lot of names beating him!
        And i give him respect for his road from the UTF till now!
        (i didn't say he's great and yes i don't see him taking the title!)

    • I'm guessing that's exactly what Yoshida, Anthony Johnson, and Dustin Hazelett all thought.

    • Koscheck is a wrestler with an overhand right–who can also fake an injury better than anyone in the business.

  • i think he is just a good entertainment for the sport of mma, not really a contender, so i agree with you man. i think he should be in the wwe, he should be a good replacement for carlito.

  • josh seems really cool in this interview. not trying to play that black hat card. WAR KOS!!!

  • Yeah he's not a bad guy, he's just an a-hole.

  • God damn it, everybody I use to hate it just becoming more and more likeable.
    Michael Bisping,
    Chael Sonnen,
    Tito Ortiz (kinda),
    and now the legendary asshole Josh Koscheck.

    • Zip

      I've always liked them, except for Tito, just something off putting about the guy.

  • Please get KOd by Lawler

    • Ok now I see, it's simple hate for Josh.

      • Its the exactly same way I felt when I wanted Bisping to get KOd by Henderson. Did you not enjoy that?

  • thats funny, i thought she was into motor boats…

  • lmao @MMA Truth

  • I used to hate Koscheck, but like Bisping, Nick Diaz and Dan Hardy, he's grown on me.

    What I see in this interview is a considerably more humble guy then he has been in the past and even one who can (now) make light of himself. I thought him to be quite affable and tough to dislike. Again, he's grown on me. To me, ever since his second fight with GSP he seems to be a different guy. Perhaps GSP (literally) beat the ego / cockiness out of him.

    For those that might deride him as being simply a wrestler with a power, does that not (pretty much) describe the #1 contender, Johnny Hendricks? Personally, I think he's a whole lot more. As a GSP fan, he's still one of the guys in the division I fear the most, in terms of beating The Champ.

    His biggest problem IMO, has been the aforementioned ego. Much like Overeem's recent loss to Bigfoot Silva and on-more-than-one-occasion, I have seen JK walk into The Octagon and lose fights, simply because he assumed he was going to win and that his opponent(s) offered no real threat. To be honest, that scenario probably describes every loss he's has on his record. He has been convinced his entire career that he's simply better than everyone else and that his wrestling and KO power, would always carry the day.

    I will be pulling for him to win, as I would like to see him work towards another shot-at-the-title. I know he's at least had one, but I'd like to see him earn another, GSP or no GSP as Champion, when / should it happen. I still think he's a dangerous opponent and capable of winning the title. He's no tin-can, that's for sure. And much like Michael Bisping, Koscheck is one of those fighters where we forget how long he's been around. He's had 21 fights in The UFC, dating back to 2005 and has proven to be one of the staples of The Division. Were he to be fortunate enough to beat, maybe get the winner of Brown / Hardy and then another win beyond that (should he win), then yes, I'd love to see him get another title shot.

    And I thought his comments about GSP / Diaz were pretty spot on. I think this is an easy fight for The Champ. However, the difference between GSP and Koscheck on this issue, Rush will no assume that he will either beat Diaz or that it will be easy. It's a huge chunk of the reason why GSP is Champ and a huge chunk of the reason why he will remain so, come the 16th of next month. And then the dreaded Johnny Hendricks…whose a Koscheck clone. Yet, another serious challenge for The Champ.

    • His persona on Twitter has changed dramatically since he left AKA. He's much more positive about everything now.

      • @ Evan

        I truly do believe he has matured as a fighter and as a person. I genuinely like the guy, now. And you're right, he is more positive. Before, it was like there was always this dark cloud around him or over him. A chip on the shoulder kind of thing. I hope things have turned a corner for him and I'd love to see him go on a winning streak. I'd also love to see him have another kick-at-the-can with Hendricks.

  • @MMA Truth…..Koscheck has definetly changed as Evan pointed out since leaving AKA…And I actually think he left AKA for a legitimate reason…You have to feel like you are being supported 200% when you are a fighter especially from the head coach. i completely understand his frustration and he was an accomplished fighter as well. He is also one of the guys accepting any fight so he deserves credit for always stepping up… Hanging in the fight with a broken orbital bone was a major credit to him against GSP. he is a show off with his toys, but he has definetly earned it the hard way with titanium plates in his face.

  • im not laughting anymore well said MMA Truth