Josh Koscheck Hurt Again, Out of UFC 163 Bout With Demian Maia


It looks like the bad run of Josh Koscheck continues to roll on. The former UFC welterweight title challenger has been forced to withdraw from his scheduled UFC 163 bout against Demian Maia. It’s been a rough year for Kos, who lost an ultra-thin split decision to Johny Hendricks before pulling out of his planned bout with Jake Ellenberger at the phantom UFC 151.

Koscheck returned to action at UFC 157 in February, but turned in an uninspired performance when he was TKO’ed in the first round by Strikeforce import Robbie Lawler. The news comes as unfortunate for the August 3rd card, which has already been ravaged by injury when Anthony Pettis pulled out of his pivotal featherweight title bout against Jose Aldo. Demian Maia has also been pulled from the card with no suitable replacement readily available.

With such a downward slide in place, one has to wonder if this is the end of the line for Koscheck. He’s made a decent career out of being the perfect heel, as fans definitely line up to see him get beat. He’s been a gatekeeper at 170 for some time now, but with injuries and losses piling up, it’s hard to see him ever getting past that role. No official announcement has been made about the length of his absence.

For Maia, it’s a setback but not much of one, as the surging welterweight will still retain his high ranking within the division. It may be most beneficial for him to wait for the winner of July 27th’s Rory MacDonald/Jake Ellenberger bout at UFC on FX 8 in Seattle. He may not be able to fight in his home country of Brazil, but he may actually find himself with a more relevant fight upon his return.

  • In before thealex's sad statement

    • im crushed, give maia Mike Pierce though

    • josh was gonna take this fight, i doubt that maia would have taken him down, and on the feet its not even close. i thought this was an awesome chance for kos to leapfrog into contendership again, but i didnt really see how it made sense for maia. damn it all!!!

    • That'll teach you Hunter, now you got 2 replies lol j/k Alex.

  • Anderson Silva lost!?!?

    • Anderson Silva is lost? Is anyone looking for him?

      • Yeah, don't give up unveiling the mysteries of the universe for the average man, being a high level particle physicist, teaching at Manchester University and working on the large hadron collider pal!!

        • Endo, I'm really more a frustrated stand-up comic, than a physicist. 🙁

          • Matter of fact Brian decided to sit down hahaha

  • Sad for Josh. I really like him. I think he's hilarious. I also think he's a great fighter, but one with a chip on his shoulder and it's held him back, IMO. However, he'll be turning 36 in November and he's getting long-in-the-tooth in terms of career expectations and what is possible. Particularly, given that the 170 division is as stacked as it is.

    Good news for Maia, though. I was against this fight from day 1. It made no sense to me and was a waste of Maia's "roll". Should he get the winner of MacDonald / Ellenberger, then that would be great and what I wanted all along, with the winner of "X" / Maia getting the winner of GSP / Hendricks.

    Watching the outcome of those bouts and the 5 fighters in question, would be / will be a blast.

    Again, sorry for Josh, but the outcome of this is considerably better for the division as a whole.

  • That has to be the quickest tap out on record.

  • 1st Alves gets injured, then Koschek, really excited about Kos vs Maia, but Damian vs Jake/Rory sounds good, I think even my opinion anyway.