Josh Barnett’s fighter profile appears on


Many a fight fan were disappointed to see “The Warmaster” Josh Barnett left off  the list of Strikeforce fighters making the move to the Octagon, myself included. However, new light shines today as Barnett has already shown up on with a fighter profile.

It has become common knowledge that Barnett makes $250,000 per fight, and speculation ran wild that Dana White would most likely not be willing to pay this fee. Barnett fueled the fire by repeatedly stating that he serves no master.

He also has nothing but a checkered past with the UFC, having the Heavyweight title belt stripped from him after failing a steroids test and engaging in a well-known contract dispute.

But today, his UFC profile would seem to open the gateways to a new stint with the UFC. Nothing official has been announced, and it remains unclear exactly why Barnett’s profile has become available. He is not signed by the UFC in any capacity as of today. There’s no doubt that the experienced and brutal submissions expert could shake up the highest division in all of MMA.

With at least a couple of effective years left to fight, I would definitely enjoy seeing Barnett make his return to the UFC Octagon. He stayed out of trouble during his four fight Strikeforce career. Barnett may not get back to title contender status, but he could give some of the top UFC Heavies a run for their money. What do you make of his profile appearance on the UFC website?