Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar Head to Head: Who will leave as champion this Saturday?


This weekend we’re in store for what could potentially be viewed as the UFC’s very first super-fight ever. Although this fight hasn’t exactly been given that label without a bit of confusion, most commonly leaving the fans asking, what exactly constitutes a super-fight?

Is it a bout between any two top ranked p4p fighters? Is it a bout between any two current champions? I believe the answer is subjective depending on how you feel about each fighter individually. With many fans believing that Frankie Edgar had won at least one of the two decisions against Benson Henderson, and more specifically the second more recent one, it’s no surprise that they are soo quick to label this a super-fight.

After all Frankie Edgar is still ranked in the top 10 p4p as he should be, while many also still consider him the true Lightweight champion or at the very least equal in skill and stature to that of current champion Benson Henderson.

With the semantics and classification of this match out of the way, we can all agree at the very least that this is one of the most exciting match ups in UFC history. With this Saturday approaching quicker by the minute, let’s look a little deeper into the skill sets of both fighters and break this matchup down section by section.

Striking: 70-30 Aldo

Frankie Edgar is no slouch on the feet, I mean we’re talking about a guy that can mix it up and strike with the best of them, a guy who KO’d Lightweight powerhouse Gray Maynard in their rematch not long ago, and a guy who even out-struck BJ Penn twice in a row, along with pretty much every other opponent he’s ever faced.

With that said, it’s hard to ignore how well Edgar can really mix it up in the octagon. Much like Georges St. Pierre, Edgar has the transition game down to a science, always keeping his opponents guessing, never allowing them to get comfortable and find any sort of range or timing. But Jose Aldo is a different beast.

As unpredictable and dynamic as Benson Henderson is, he’s no Jose Aldo. With kicks that would make even Cristiano Ronaldo look twice, Aldo is extremely unpredictable and dynamic. But don’t let that make you believe that he’s reckless, sloppy or even overzealous. Much like Anderson, Aldo is cerebral, calculated and strikes with precision. Every kick is thrown with the worst of intentions and for all of these reasons I give the striking advantage to Jose Aldo without question.

Wrestling: 70-30 Edgar

I’d say it’s pretty obvious where the advantage lies here. Brazilians aren’t exactly known for their elite wrestling skills or takedown prowess. Although as an exception Aldo has been one of the most difficult fighters to take down in all of the UFC. Facing elite wrestlers like Chad Mendes, Urijah Faber and even Mike Brown, Aldo has shown some serious takedown defense by shutting them all down on numerous occasions.

However with enough expended energy, Aldo has been shown to slow down in the later rounds and like any fatigued fighter, seems to get taken down a little easier. In his fight with Mark Homminick a fighter who is not necessarily known for his wrestling, Homminick ended up scoring a few takedowns and did some solid damage in rounds four and five.

With an unlimited gas tank like the one that Edgar possesses, and some serious grappling skills both offensive and defensive, this fight won’t exactly favor Aldo if it goes to the later rounds. Edgar is a grinder and will show Aldo the definition of heart and endurance if he allows him to do so.

With that said, if this fight doesn’t end in the first round or two, I anticipate many takedowns in favor of Edgar. I hope Jose Aldo prepared rigorously to fight off of his back, otherwise he could be in for a long, painful and exhausting night.

Jiu-Jitsu: 60-40 Aldo

This category is somewhat of an enigma seeing as how both fighters tend to avoid utilizing submissions. Aldo has only one recorded submission in his entire career and that was in his third fight ever, long before he joined the UFC, he does possess a black belt, but has heavily favored his Muay-Thai and overall striking skills.

Edgar on the other hand has three submissions in his career but also seems to favor striking and wrestling as well. He also holds a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu under Ricardo Almeida via the Gracies. This category is a little bit difficult to judge really, given that we’ve seen very little of either fighter on the ground.

While I take Edgar as more than likely being very proficient in submission defense, especially when considering his wrestling experience and skills, I doubt that he has the offensive Jiu-Jitsu skills that Aldo would have. Although I could be completely wrong.

But when you don’t have much to go by, the smartest thing to do in this situation is favor the Brazilian guy. After all, when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu, it’s probably best to favor the opponent who hails from the country of it’s origin. Chances are he happens to be more proficient.

Did you guys agree with my analysis? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

  • Who will leave as champion this Saturday? The winner! Im a genius 8P

  • I agree with you mostly, but I would give the striking to Aldo 60-40. Aldo's gas tank is the major factor here, if he doesn't pace himself with the early striking I see this one going the way of the Homminick fight, except Edgar is a much more dominant wrestler than Homminick.

    Edgar is the underdog here but if he can survive the first 2-3 rounds he can take this fight. Given how tough it is to finish Edgar I have much confidence in him.

    • Great point, Cardio should be a head-to-head figure here as it could be the deciding factor more than anything else.

      • I've seriously been considering adding it. Will have to talk to the bossman about that one.

        Although Cardio is a little too dimensional of a category. I'm thinking something more along the lines of "Athletic Ability" or even Durability.

        Something that encompasses cardio but many other things as well.

        • I think durability would condense it well.

  • i think aldo will tko frankie in the 2nd, but even still, he should win rds 1-3 and if edgar takes 4 and 5, aldo will still get the nod in the decision.

    also, i think you're forgetting the bj penn/gsp super fights.

    • The problem with the Penn GSP superfight was GSP had all the advantages. This fight they are pretty evenly matched physically so it will come down to skill more than anything else. The best fight in the history of MMA thus far.

      • agreed. aldo does have a slight height/weight/speed adv, but not to the degree gsp had.

        i was simply mentioning that this isn't the first superfight, although it is the juan i'm most looking forward to.

      • @azzkika your right this could be the highest skill level fight in the entire history of the sport

    • IMO the entire fight depends on Aldo's weight cut. He had a couple sub par fights because of hard weight cuts. Frankie's style is suffocating, leaves no room or time to catch your breath. But coming at a healthy Aldo works as a lullaby and a nap.

      • Not really. Florian came at Aldo hard and pretty much owned the first round but he spent too much energy on take down attempts and faded badly. Edgar won't fade and will keep the pressure on for 25 minutes. Barring a KO for Aldo this will be a tough night for the Brazilian.

        • To be fair Kenny probably cut more weight than Aldo so that comparison isn't fair. If Aldo catches Frankie early he will finish him. I don't see Jose letting him off the hook the way Gray did.

          • I agree ny2. Aldo is a brilliant finisher and Edgar does have a habit of getting caught early. I do think though that an early finish is Aldo's main chance of this. I expect Edgar will be very respectful of Aldo's ability and adjust as he needs to and take it in the later rounds.

          • I agree that Frankie will adjust to Aldo's amazing early finish ability but many others have game planned for just that. I am rooting for Frankie though and I hope its a great fight without a controversial decision.

  • Striking: 60-40 Aldo
    Wrestling: 80-20 Edgar
    BJJ: 60-40 Edgar

    Edgar may not have the submission finish rate. But BJJ isnt all about the finish, its position too and Edgar's superior wrestling will cause him to have the upper hand in BJJ control

    • Aldo has face Faber, Gamburyan and Benavidez, they are all great wrestlers and none of them have been able to hold Aldo down, Florian game plan was to hold him against the cage and look what happened, you people crack me up, Aldo is a incredible well rounded fighter and to go and give FE the edge is ignorant plain and simple, this is a mismatch Aldo will kill FE and there is nothing to do about it.

      • jose fought benavidez?

      • I totally agree.. (but yeah MENDEZ)… Edgar does not have a 70-30 wrestling edge over Aldo.. that's straight B.S.!! Brazilians are not known for their great wrestling but ALDO sure is. His amazing TDD speaks for itself! He has faced worldclass wrestlers, 2 coming out of the fuckin' Alpha Male camp and their Wrestling was pretty much useless in the fights! All those Alpha Males are TOUGH ass WORLDCLASS wrestlers… I'd say wrestling is 55-45 for Edgar… when it comes to BJJ Aldo most def. has the advantage.. for the ones who are not familiar with how good Aldo's BJJ is. Look up "Rubens Charles Maciel's" record (a 6x world champion BJJ and considered one of the best pound for pound BJJ guys in the world) Aldo beat his ass twice in BJJ… they had 2 matches.

        • They said BJ was the best ever at LW for TDD and Edgar took him down at will.


  • This is Aldo's toughest test to date but we know how lethal he can be with superb striking and timing and speed. a quick finish of Edgar would be no surprise. However, Edgar has some of the best footwork in MMA and he could easily wear down Aldo with his work rate, mixing it up with wrestling and watch out for the body shots. Something that gets rarely mentioned. If you watch Edgar's fights he lands alot of sneaky body shots which I think go unnoticed by judges and fans alike. If he gets his game going early expect a late stoppage as he wears Aldo down or a unanimous decision.

    Whoever wins, I just hope they both bring their best as they both are outstanding fighters. they both conduct themselves well in and out of the ring. I'm a bigger fan of Edgar than I am Aldo and I think his all round skill set is unmatched. That doesn't mean I think he beats Aldo easy, Aldo is a beast and dangerous at all times such is his style and skill but Edgar has a better resume than Aldo, more experience of top level fights and I think barring an early KO for Aldo, Edgar should take this one with a demonstration of why is worthy of the p4p #1 spot.

    • I agree with everything you said except perhaps the last point.
      It's unfortunate because truly he could be considered for #1 but whether he deserves it or not, Anderson is undoubtedly the #1 P4P

      • Silva who ducks the elite? I have never regarded him as the p4p #1 fighter just the best striker.

  • Honestly, this is why these articles about percentages are not my cup of tea.

    In comparison where striking is concerned: Aldo has done amazing thing to people, but Edgar has outstruck BJ Penn twice, Ben Henderson (twice IMO, but once officially), and Gray Maynard (who outstruck Diaz, Florian, and Miller). Aldo IMO, should only hold a slight advantage because of finishing ability. Work rate and foot work I would imagine would certainly be in Edgar's favor.

    In comparison where wrestling is concerned: Edgar is a former Division 1 guys, who has outwrestled accomplished guys. However, Jose Aldo has gone up against Mike Brown, Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes, Manny Gamburyan, and Kenny Florian. The only time he was outgrappled was the 5th round against Hominick when he was gassed. Even with Frankie's great wrestling, I don't think history tells us he'd have anymore than a slight advantage where wrestling is concerned.

    Where BJJ is concerned: First off I think grappling should be lumped in as one category. There doesn't come a point in a fight where the fighters go "Ok, we're done wrestling now let's do some BJJ". It all flows together, so what people see as BJJ at some points is wrestling positioning, and vice versa.

    Secondly, I don't think you could give either the advantage in this category. The only person that's ever been submitted in MMA is Aldo, but that was ages ago. Frankie has beaten great grapplers on the ground like Ben, Bocek, Miller, Sherk, Franca, and the best either him or Aldo have gone against, BJ Penn. Aldo has also beaten some great grapplers too like Pequeno Nogeira among others mentioned earlier. There's simply no inclination that either guy is that much better on the ground, in MMA.

    This fight will come down to three things. One if Frankie can last through Aldo's power, and get in to his groove. Two if Aldo's conditioning can hold up to Frankie's work rate if Frankie get's in to his zone. And three, which is maybe most important, how will Frankie's drop effect his fighting. We saw Guida come in a lot smaller at 145, where it almost looked like he left off too much muscle, against Hioki. So Frankie having a perfect drop isn't a definite.

    • I agree with a lot of what you said Evan which should be no surprise considering you reiterated a lot of my points.

      As far as the striking goes. Frankie may land more in general, but Aldo's striking has proven more effective in terms of damage caused and it's pure ability to finish an opponent decisively.

      You're also ignoring the fact that Aldo is a more dynamic and unpredictable precision striker. He throws stuff that Frankie wouldn't dream of in his sleep at night.

      As for wrestling. I have to go by stats. Stats tell me that Frankie has taken down every single opponent he's ever faced at least one time. Stats tell me that Aldo while very resistant, has been taken down a few times in his career.

      Therefore logic would dictate that Aldo will more than likely get taken down at some point in this fight, possibly even on numerous occasions, leading me to conclude that the wrestling advantage should go to Frankie Edgar without question.

      Jiu-Jitsu? Wrestling? They're both forms of grappling, but they're also very different. I agree that they are connected, but I can't in good faith combine them together when soo many fighters are more proficient in one than the other.

      If Roger Gracie was facing Matt Hughes in his prime who would I give the grappling advantage to?? Hughes was an elite wrestler and Gracie is one of the best Jiu-Jitsu practitioners on the planet earth. It wouldn't work.

      I have to seperate them beacause they simply differ too much. And if you disagree, since both disciplines use positioning, look at it less as grappling and more as takedowns vs submissions.

      Hope that helps.

    • @Evan
      the difference between grappling and wrestling as a stat is confusing but I interpret it as grappling contains stuff like ability to pass guard, keep opponent in guard, transitions, top control and submissions etc.
      While Wrestling represents takedowns, takedown defense and clinching.

      In my opinion it would be better suited to be put in to 3 parts – Takedown/Takedown D, Grappling Control and submissions.

      I say that because you could have someone like Cain Velasquez who has great grappling control but pretty much ignores submissions and then someone like Joe Lauzon who isn't a great positions keeper or top control beast yet gets lots of subs.

      • so with all of that said Keith… Wouldn't it be less confusing to just say Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu? lol

    • Yah, I'm going to side with you on this one. I don't see Edgar winning but I wouldn't be surprised either. Aldo is my favorite fighter in the UFC to watch; however, I'll be cheering for the former plumber.

    • Maynard did not out strike Florian, he laid on top of him for three rounds. I agree with most of the rest.

  • In my opinion, this is probably the highest level fight in the history of our great sport.
    Truly a superfight,

    So damn hard to call because honesty can imagine either guys working their game on the other.

    I think Jose could without a doubt stunningly win this but I will probably choose Edgar for multiple reasons;
    he is almost impossible to finish, his cardio is arguably the best in the sport, his constantly out works and wears down opponents and always is great in the last rounds which is worrying for Jose who usually slows down late, his resume is incredibly more stacked and he has been training everyday with barboza who has similar stand up to Aldo.

    I think the stand up could be pretty even unless Edgar is totally unready for Aldo's kicking game.
    I doubt submissions will play much part in this, with both guys not tending to use them and they are well versed defense.

    The wrestling is what is the most interesting to me… can Edgar take down Aldo?
    Frankie has taken down with relative ease Penn, Maynard and Bendo. The thing is Aldo has the best takedown defense in UFC history and easily stuffed Chad Mendes multiple times, who is a stud wrestler.

    I don't mind who wins this because form the moment thie fight was announced I already won!

    • "I don't mind who wins this because form the moment thie fight was announced I already won!"

      Truer words have never been spoken. Well said!

      • Lmao, watch it be a 20 second KO and everyone will depressed 8P

        • especially if it's Edgar that gets his hand raised…Unlikely in a short fight with these two, but sure would get people worked up!

    • Liddell has the best TD defense in UFC history I believe.

      • He's #7 on the list actually, although very good.

  • Zip

    Probably the best fight card ever, and I have to work 🙁

  • ian

    rooting for edgar!

  • haven't looked forward to a fight as much as this for a long time. It's almost like I'm new to MMA again.

    • Like a virgin huh! 8))

  • I have Edgar in the picks but really, this is a coin toss on paper.

  • I understand how amazing Aldo's striking is and every time I want to think he is going to win this fight easily I think of Franky going the distance twice each with 2 of the biggest lightweights in the division (henderson and maynard). I admit the striking technique with aldo is far above Maynards or Hendersons but those are both 2 strong guys Little Franky fought.

    The speed is where I think this fight will be decided, it's hard to compare the 2 fighters speed because their different styles utilize their speed differently. If Frank is quicker and can hit first I believe he will win a decision but if Aldo can find his range and can be Franky to the punch I see him knocking Frank out. Either way Speed will be the deciding factor.

    • The factors/?s are Frankie's weight cut, speed as you say, Aldo's cardio (if it goes into the later rounds), and of course who is the better fighter.

  • You do realize, if Aldo destroys Frankie quickly, he'll move up in weight and clear out the LW division…ok maybe, height and reach does make a difference though.

  • Why am I thinking Frankie will win, when everything points to Aldo retaining the belt?

    • btw, I don't see how the percentage comparison statistics are even relevant at the end of the day….

      • Or on Saturday morning 8P