Jose Aldo Shoves Chad Mendes In Rio De Janeiro


Heading into their UFC 179 rematch in October, featherweight champion Jose Aldo and No. 1 contender Chad “Money” Mendes have a decent amount of history.

Aldo famously knocked out Mendes with only one second remaining in the first round of their first fight at UFC 142 in January 2012. Running into the stands to celebrate with his countrymen of Rio de Janeiro, Aldo left a bad taste in Mendes’ mouth that has motivated him to go undefeated ever since.

The two have engaged in quite the heated trash talk war long before the fight, and today, they got a chance to come face to face during a UFC 179 media event at Macarana Stadium earlier today (Tues., August 26, 2014). As the video courtesy of MMA Fighting shows below, things got heated quickly in Brazil:

  • ian

    Hope Aldo gets TKO'd this time.

    • If Chad brings a gas tank he might even do it…

  • This is a sport of Hate. What do you expect?? Btw, contrary to the aboveI hope Chad Mendis gets knocked the fuck out. He has been running that month faster that he was chewing that gum.

  • Can't wait for Aldo to get put to sleep! 1st TJ then Chad,time for the new champs to step in!

  • Aldo, seems very emotional for this fight. His trainers need to talk to him, he needs to be cool and calm. Mendes is set on getting in Aldo's head. Hopefully Aldo fights HIS fight.

  • Aldo will destroy Mendez again.. By K.O or TKO depends how fast Mendez moves in… I can't wait…