Jose Aldo On Anthony Pettis Bout: We’re Ready, Let’s Get This Fight


Right when the dust had barely settled on UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo’s record-extending sixth straight title defense at UFC 169, talk immediately shifted to “Junior’s” long-rumored move up to lightweight.

After all, Aldo had spent years appearing drained from the drastic weight cut he puts his body thorough to make the division’s 145-pound weight limit. That was the largest contributing factor to his tendency to fade later on in championship rounds.

Despite that the dominant Aldo earned a win over the last man he had to defeat in the UFC featherweight division’s Top Five. Aldo is on a run not likely to be duplicated anytime soon (except maybe by his Nova Uniao training partner and fellow UFC 169 victor Renan Barao).

At the UFC 169 post-fight press conference, Aldo was asked if he wanted to move up to lightweight to finally face 155-pound champ Anthony “Showtime” Pettis. “Junior’s” response (transcribed via MMA Junkie):

“It’s not only about me – it’s about Dana. I’m ready. I’ve always been ready. I want that fight. Everybody wants the fight. If the fight was tonight, I’d fight him. So it’s up to the UFC and Dana. I want the fight. Anthony Pettis wants the fight. So why not? We’re ready to fight, so let’s get this fight.”

Much of what does transpire will be up to White, but he sounded fully in support of the bout:

“I’ve been talking about that fight. I like that fight. I like Jose at 155. I think the weight cut’s much easier for him. But again, I’m going to throw it back at him. At the end of the day, he’s the king at ’45. If he wants to move to ’55, I think it’s a huge fight with Pettis. Yeah, it doesn’t suck.”

It sounds like White is on board, with Aldo is more than ready and willing to get in the cage with Pettis barring any possible medical delays, “Showtime” is apparently ready, as well. White said that he had already received a call from Pettis’ camp and that they were willing to accept the bout. The UFC president was understandably excited at the seemingly easy nature of the prospective superfight:

“Sounds like we’ve got a fight. That was easy. Glad we got that deal done. One more thing I don’t have to do on Monday. Let’s get another deal done.”

With Pettis still on the shelf after having surgery for a torn PCL, however, nothing is set in stone. Pettis is tentatively looking to return to action at the UFC’s traditional Fourth of July weekend show, but that’s optimistic according to some doctors.

We can only wait and see when this huge title fight goes down, but at this point, it’s a no-brainer that simply has to get sorted out. With Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre on the sidelines, the UFC can use all the big-name fights it can get.

And this is a huge one. Hopefully we’ll see it go down this Fourth of July.

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY Sports

  • Seeing two title holders face off is so rare in this sport….We didn't get to see Silva vs Bones nor did we get to see Silva vs Gsp.

    I'll be picking Pettis. Aldo has used his leg kicks so effectively to destroy his opponents but Pettis is too slick to allow a leg pounding and will deliver nasty body kicks all night. If Aldo doesn't land his leg kicks his game plan goes out the window. We saw how he fought when he injured his foot against Zombie. He capatalised when zombie's shoulder went out but zombie was holding his own.

    • It'll be a striking clinic for sure. I'll still go with Aldo.

    • In the beginning rounds Aldo will be too quick and Pettis will have to capitalize in the later rounds.

      • I said the same thing, I think if Aldo doesn't fade out in the 4th and 5th from the cut being at 155 I think he could take this. If his cardio still isn't the greatest and he were to fade out later from just throwing everything so hard I think Pettis will be able to steal the win. Pettis won't have the wrestling to take Aldo down but I do think Aldo might surprise people and be able to take Pettis down. I think this fight will be amazing on every level. I'm ready for a super fight. I've been ready for Aldo to take the step up!

        • Lets just hope Pettis can walk after 4 rounds. Aldo's leg kicks are never telegraphed and often come after 2 punches.

  • I'll take Pettis all day in that fight. Aldo is a great, tough and powerful fighter, but I think Anthony has something very special. He's an exceptionally dynamic fighter and he's doesn't gas. The only knock on Anthony are the nagging injuries. Other than that I don't know where he could be faulted. Stand-up on the mat, doesn't matter, Pettis is a load to deal with.

    The UFC really needs to make this fight happen. It's one of the biggest matches they could put on.

    • Wanna bet an avatar bet man? Yea, I said it man……ha hah hahaha just messin around, but you will be wearing an avatar with a pink dress, yes you will (rubs hands together) 8P

      • And bet my own, precious, never changing Avatar, in exchange for that of one of your daily whims?

        Stewie, you ask a higher price than you offer in return.

        …but I do cash. I'm more than happily bet you 20 Ameros.

  • Aldo should win in dominant fashion.

  • I think both fighters are great and any could win the fight. That said, Aldo is by far the more consistent fighter and the more well rounded fighter. I think if he wants, Aldo can take and probably keep Pettis down. On the feet, Pettis is the more creative fighter, with an unconventional style of striking that makes preparing for him very hard. That said, Aldo is, at this moment and in my opinion, the best muay thau kickboxer in the UFC. Hes striking combos are so powerful, fast, accurate and delivered with such technique that its very difficult to block or even see them coming. I mean, every fighter knows what he's going to do and still they are powerless to stop it. Ill take Aldo any day on that match but I still can see Pettis winning (Aldo as a 3 to 2 favorite).