Jose Aldo: I’d like to be champion of three weight classes


UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo Jr. has long considered a move up to 155 lbs., and many fans and pundits of MMA have been expected it for some time as well. True, Aldo appeared drawn and spent at the weigh-ins for his early bouts in the UFC versus Mark Hominick and Kenny Florian. While he won both fights by decision, he definitely did not finish the fight in typical Jose Aldo fashion.

Now he is set to face Frankie Edgar in February at UFC 156, and this fight should gauge exactly where he heads next. Aldo admitted via MMAJunkie that a move up to Lightweight may be in the cards, but his trainer wants him to wait:

“Certainly I believe that I’m ready, but ‘Dede’ believes that I’m still too young, and so he’s keeping me back. But I think I’m fully capable of fighting one category above.”

If and when Aldo does move up, he has his sights set on big things, which include a possible attempt at becoming an unprecedented three-class champion:

“I think that this upcoming fight is a superfight against Frankie Edgar. I think it’s going to be great, but I have even more dreams. I believe that there is a lot to be done. One of my dreams was to be a champion, and I am. I have achieved that. There is a lot still that can be achieved. For a fight for the title, I could make 135 pounds. I’m not saying it would be easy. It would be difficult, but I think I could do it.”

Aldo is no doubt a great Featherweight champ. Would he fare as well at Lightweight or even all the way down at Bantamweight? A three-time champion in three different classes is almost unheard of right now. What are your thoughts on Aldo’s bold ambitions?

  • He's a beast, to say the least.

  • I don't see where he said he'd like to be champion of three weight classes, but he probably can do two instead of three nevertheless. Well, he is number # 3 in my P4P list for a reason.

  • aldo get the winner of cain vs junior

    • No, I think he should fight the loser first THEN the Winner. If he beats them both then he should fight Overeem next. (Just my opinion)

  • I'll be interested to see when bones finally moves up to heavyweight and starts fighting with the big boys in that division. Also, see whether GSP hangs around long enough to move to middleweight division.

  • I think after Aldo can get past Edger it would be time for him to make a run at lightweight and be the 1st ever champion in two divisions!

    • For guys weaking him, I think he means the first guy to hold two belts at the same time rather than one then a while later the other

  • I hope aldo holds a belt in 3 weight classes it may make the UFC realize there is no need for a 125 lb a 135 and 145 lb division. I know this is going to upset a bunch of you over sensitive internet geeks but get real there is no need for all 3 of these divisions to exist. If we can skip 15 lbs from 155 to 170 and 170 to 185, we can definitely do without 1 of these 3 LIGHTER divisions. Below 155 there should be a 140 lb division and below that a 125 lb. This would make for much better competetion in all the lighter weight classes like it or not this is the truth.

    • That's all well and good ripstic but how many guys you gonna have chasing that one belt? WW and LW are already mega stacked and if there was just one belt what happens when champ gets injured? Its been bad enough waiting for title fights as it is and your suggestion is crazy. What I would like to see is weigh ins on the night of the fight before they get in the cage and then fighters wouldn't be going to extreme lengths to fight in a division or two under their weight.

  • He definitely has the potential and talent but if the three divisions includes one further down in weight, I don't think he could physically do it due to his natural size.