Jose Aldo discusses Frankie Edgar, his motorcycle accident, and a possible move to Lightweight


Yesterday, Karyn Bryant and MMA H.E.A.T. caught up with Jose Aldo in the L.A. area for a revealing interview. The UFC Featherweight champion has been on the shelf nursing a foot injury that he sustained while riding his motorcycle, and that has kept him out of potential title bouts with Erik Koch and Frankie Edgar. Now fully healed, the champion discusses his next blockbuster bout against former Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar scheduled for February at UFC 156. Aldo proclaims that Edgar is a great fighter, and is happy to have a chance to face him. He acknowledges that it is certainly the most high-profile match the UFC could have put together for the 145 lb. strap.

Aldo moved onto a discussion of the 155 lb. division, and said that he felt Benson Henderson fairly defeated Edgar both times they met by doing more damage. Aldo did touch on the possibility of moving up to 155 should he defeat Edgar at UFC 156, but only when he is ready. Aldo noted that there are fights left for him at Featherweight.  All in all, a great interview with a great champion.

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  • jose aldo will ko or submit frankie edgar

    • I agree. He will soften him up with leg kicks and if he manages to stuff the takedowns along with that Edgar may go to sleep for the first time in his career. Edgar can get a decision if he is smart but I can't see him finishing Aldo, ever.

  • Frankie Edgar is the biggest threat he's faced in The Octagon. Frankie will not be out worked, out paced, out boxed and certainly not out wrestled,in this fight. I give the nod to Aldo in the kicking game, but everywhere else I see Frankie as better. His foot work is outstanding and he has proven time-and-again, that he can take a punch, recover and rally. I think Frankie will be able to put Aldo on his back if / when he wants and will dictate the fight. As to whether or not he deserves the fight, I believe he does. I also believe that he beat Henderson in the re-match and arguably won the first fight, as well. So, I have no problems with him dropping down and getting a title shot. I'm picking Frankie to win. This will probably be FOTN.

    • mma-half truth

      have you seen aldos highlight real the man is a killer,?he will do what MAYNARD tried to do twice- finish the fight.

      • Yes, I've seen the highlight reel. Actually, I've seen all of his actual fights and I know he's a killer. That is not news. And yes, Grey tried to finish his two fights with Frankie. The operative word there is try. The same way that Ben Henderson tried and had to settle for two (debatable) decisions. I stick by my original comments.

    • D

      I agree with your assessment as far as skills, but MMA is a sport and athleticism plays a part. Edgar is a great athlete, but he doesn't have Aldo's speed, explosiveness or power. That will give him problems.

  • Translated interviews take too long

  • I am just praying there is no injury curse that delays this fight any longer. We have debated Aldo Edgar for a brief period when compared to Silva GSP, but this fight is just as epic in terms of skill and the fan base both have earned with brilliance in the octagon.

    I personally think Edgar will outwork Aldo and possibly finish him in the later rounds, but an Aldo finish will be no surprise as he is explosive and deadly as he has proven against some high clibre opponents. Edgar is a big step up in class for Aldo though so it will be interesting to see how he copes. It will also be interesting to see how Edgar copes with someone faster than most he has faced. Best fight EVER!!!!! Just hope it isnt a quick KO for either one as it wont tell us much other than one got caught.