UPDATED: Jose Aldo Wants To Fight At UFC 189, X-Ray Appears To Show Broken Rib


UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo may well be out of UFC 189 after reportedly fracturing his rib in training, putting in serious jeopardy his huge UFC 189 title defense against Conor McGregor. ‘The Notorious’ and the Brazilian champion have shared a long and heat-filled rivalry, with the UFC doing their best to promote the bout to the fullest extent. All of this could now have been a total waste of resources.

Aldo’s coach Andre Pedernaires told Combate, via MMAFighting.com, that Aldo was heartbroken the moment he was injured, and still wants to fight at UFC 189:

“He cried. He wants this fight bad, everybody invested a lot in this. I was with him the whole afternoon. He’s heartbroken. He wants to fight anyway. Now we have to wait for the exam results. Aldo is in deep pain.”

“If the fracture is really confirmed, Aldo will have to stop training, do nothing for three or four weeks until it’s fixed, and then he would be able to do any exercise without forcing his rib,” the coach said. “And then he would need a normal time to do a training camp: three months. I believe this fight wouldn’t happen before October.”


News from Globo TV Rio via Twitter appears to confirm the worse possible scenario:

This comes as terrible news for both the promotion, and fans that have been waiting in eager anticipation for so long. The bout was first announced some six months ago, so the martial arts world already had to wait a lot longer than they normally would to see the fight.

If Aldo is indeed carrying a fractured rib, as it sounds a lot like that, the UFC doctors will not clear him to fight. The injury crisis is continuous in such a hard sport, it’s time that we recognized that this isn’t a bug, it’s a way of life for MMA (mixed martial arts) fans.

There is a glimmer of hope that Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor will still happen, but it’s a thin one. We’ll keep you updated to any big news as it breaks, here at LowKickMMA.


The photo that Globo posted of Ald’s broken rib from an ‘anonymous source’ has been found on the forum of Australian site Seabreeze in a post dated all the way back to 2008 (thanks to Lowkick member SMP), signifying that some serious shady business may be going on.

More on the questionable scenario as it develops.

  • james

    Look at the NFL. Guys are injured all the time. The difference is there are backups. Doesn’t work that way in a duel. Nice to see a journalist point out its not a bug but just how it is.

    Maybe if a promotion had yearly brackets and less emphasis on a champ retaining a belt but still starting higher ranked in the bracket ( like olympics, NCAA wrestling, usja and ija, bjj) the fans would get better fights and we wouldn’t have to wait for champs to heal rather they just have to wait for next year and the next highest healthy fighter gets a shot. Almost every sport is done that way including combat sports because that’s what makes it sporting. I think you need to take in account if your injured that’s part of the game. The interim belt is an attempt to deal with it but it does really work imo.

  • Space
  • My whole issue with all this is. If Aldo indeed still wants to fight, why the fuck does his team disclose the full extend of his injury? If he’s still fighting, clearly that puts him at a disadvantage, as his opponent now can target his injury.

    • james

      He probably knows he can’t at this point. The ufc has some new policies on medical care (thank god). But yeah if that is not the case not real smart…or is it a trap and he has worked serious takedowns and traps from that side. (though it would be Connors lead leg?)

  • Smp

    Check out this site. These are not Jose Aldo’s ribs.


  • Gary McCollom

    Typical Brazilian bs chicken *ss, this is all about getting the fight in Rio with favorable judges, fans and referee, this smells to high heaven.

    • james

      Come on man how many title fights has Aldo cancelled from injury. How about Pettis? Valesquez? GSP? Two Americans and a Canadian. Not really fair in this case.

  • Dagmar

    That is not an x-ray of Aldo’s ribs. It can be found on several websites about fractured ribs that predate his injury