Jon Jones On Daniel Cormier: I Think He Just Wants To Be Famous


Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have had a feud going for a while now, back and forth battles over Twitter and even a public stand off have fuelled the fire between both guys. Jones has garnered a certain amount of detractors since the beginning of his UFC career, and DC seems to be the biggest.

Jones gives his take on the beef with Cormier, via

“He has, like, 20,000 Twitter followers. He has short reach, bad cardio (and) he looked terrible in his last fight. It’s like, I’m not worried about him at all. He’s just not relevant to me. There’s so many great fighters in the light-heavyweight division. He’s not even top five in his division. I’m not sure if he is. “

Cormier, ranked number two  by the UFC, has repeatedly offered Jones to fight at a Catchweight. Jones, seemingly uninterested, has shrugged off the possibility. Cormier has already said that his weight cutting has started, the weight cut to 205 that is, and a fight with Jones would certainly be entertaining.

“I hate answering questions about him,” Jones said. “DC is a guy who really wants to be famous. I don’t think he wants to work hard. I think he just wants to be famous. You can see it in his physique.”

We all know how good Jones is at using his reach against fighters, let alone fighters as short as Cormier. It will certainly be a huge mountain for DC to climb, should they fight. Although I don’t think it will be that much of an issue if Cormier can score takedowns.

If Cormier can keep 75% of his strength, which he used to pick up Josh Barnett and throw him around, then a guy like Jones would be like a training dummy. That’s if he can get a takedown though.

Jones is known for his incredible takedown defense, but if DC can weather the storm and get inside, he could toss JJ about at will. DC’s wrestling is stellar to say the least, and his low centre of gravity, excellent balance and ogre like strength make him a nightmare in the clinch.

I think this is a great potential fight, and the beef between these two guys will hopefully come to a better conclusion than MacDonald vs Ellenberger.

  • DC isn't going to be able to "toss" Jones anywhere, whether he gets inside (which he won't), or not.

    • If you really believe that you're just as delusional as Bones…. DC will slaughter Bones and he knows it. He wants NOTHING to do with DC! He wont be able to take DC down and DC will land that bomb….!! On top of that DC can dump Bones on his *** at will. Dont be fooled by DCs fight with Mir.. he played safe and avoided Mir's amazing groundgame but don't think for a second he wont rush in on Bones like a Runaway Tank… I respect Bones as a fighter, i really do… but i give him just as much of a chance to beat DC as a super fight with Cain…. Z.E.R.O. !!

    • he wont be tossing jones around but i bet if he gets in far enough on those chicken legs he'll put him on his ***. as far as jones saying he only wants to become famous just sounds stupid. of course he wants fame, hmmmm what happens when you reach the top of the ufc? you get money, fame, and glory.

    • wish I had 20,000 twitter followers.


  • Depends. If we the DC that fought Josh Barnett, he could win. If we see the DC that fought Frank Mir, he will not win.

    Great fight though. It kind of has to happen now after all this undelivered hype.

  • Really? He mentions the amount of DC's twitter followers first? What is this? Kindergarten?

    DC has short reach, but he has, besides Machida, the ability to quickly overcome midrange distance and mess up a game plan, which relies on range. Don`t forget, Barnett, Mir and Bigfoot weren't worried about him too. I would guess Teixeira and Gustafsson are the last untested competition for JBJ in the LHW devision, which also pose a real threat to him. But of all these fighters, DC can and will do it, because he has the tools, fights very smart and is not as drunk with his title as JBJ.

  • Same old song and dance. All the Jon Jones haters say DC is gonna do this and he's gonna do that and it will be different from all the other people Jones fought because he's never fought a guy like DC. At the end of the day Jones will figure out a way to beat him, then he will go out and do it. He needs to be thinking about Gustafsson though.

    And If DC played it smart for the Mir fight what makes you think he won't do the same thing against a far better opponent with much more at stake. It's all speculation.

    • A far better opponent? Jon Jones can only dream of having Mirs level of BJJ… he doesnt and probably will NEVER reach Mirs level of BJJ and there is no way in hell Bones outwrestles DC… Bones his main strength is his reach advantage and his ability to dumb his opponents on their *** if they manage to get past his reach. Well DC is FAST and will be even FASTER at LHW and he has MUCH better wrestling than Bones. That cancels out 2 of Bones biggest weapons… which leaves his striking at range as his best bet. Good luck to him trying to keep the Tank that is DC at range…. Its just an overall horrible match up for Bones.

      • I'll agree that Jon Jones doesn't have perhaps the same level of skill in BJJ as Mir or wrestling as DC, but skill is not the only part of a matchup in those two areas, physicality matters too. I think Jones' BJJ is also inferior to Belfort's but that didn't stop him from submitting him. Jones is a physical specimen at LHW, and DC is kind of a pudgy HW with bad kidneys. And while DC is fairly quick, it's nothing Jones hasn't successfully dealt with before in the cases of Machida and Evans.

        DC could win, and he could do so using his wrestling, but I think he'd have to make it happen early. People hanging out on the outside from Jones (fighters named Machida or Evans excluded) tend to absorb a lot of whittling punishment. Do I think DC's wrestling is better skill-wise than JJ's? Absolutely. Do I think it's so many light years ahead that he'll use it to outwork and control a bigger younger man after absorbing a substantial amount of punishment? Hell no.

      • You're getting me hyped for this fight, and it's not even happening!

  • A lighter Daniel Cormier is faster, and better cardio. Bones has had alot of success smashing guys on the ground. Bones has also made a point of beating people where they are best. He made the quote that he Chael Sonnened Chael Sonnen.

    Makes me wonder how bones will approach this fight, not to mention Cormier. Exciting fight but I would lean towards Bones based one height reach and explosiveness.

    • Better cardio? Not sure about that, as he will be cutting more weight at 205.

  • FE4

    I used to like Jon Jones a lot, but the more I here him talk, the more I can't wait for him to be humbled and as far as hard work goes, I'm sure its incredibly easy to be an olympic wrestler, thats why anyone can do it. This guy can't be serious.

  • Jon Jones On Daniel Cormier: I Think He Just Wants To Be Famous….

    there are two ways.
    1) Hard work, dedication, perseverance and sacrifice.

    2) Chale Sonnen way Talk yourself into a title fight.

  • Chael was famous before he fought Jon Jones. If you are a ******** MMA fan then Chael was famous before he was in the UFC. MMA Noobs think Chael has had some easy road and just talked his way into everything. But that is B S. Chael stepped up so Jones would have an opponent. And before that, he earned his fights with Silva. After Sonnen lost to Maia by a quick submission in his debut, he came back and beat Dan Miller on 2 weeks notice, Okami, and then completely dominated Nate Marquardt. And at the time Nate Marquardt was on fire, knocking out guys all the time, getting compliments from Silva. Both Chael and Nate were in that position near the top. Chael won the fight and in very dominant fashion so of course he got the title shot.

    Chael may have been lucky with the timing of the Jones thing but he's also the one guy the UFC brass can call when they need a guy that will fight anyone, at any time, 2 weeks or less notice. Chael is that guy. And if he had beaten Jones, who's to say he shouldn't have had the fight? That would just mean it was the right choice to give the fight to him. People are just ignorant after his 2 title shot losses. When you lose a title fight you don't start again at the bottom of the division. You go back down to the bottom of the very top of the division. And the next fight determines whether you move up or down. That's how it should be when all things are fair. And look at where Condit was after GSP. That's how it usually is.

  • Wow. hard and core are sensored when they are made into one word. This has gotten really ridiculous. I miss the old Lowkick. HeII I miss when it was called myvideofight. Those were the days.

  • Well…I kinda agree with Jones. DC isn't in title contention in HW, why should he be in LHW. We've all seen Chael do it, but hes a different cat. DC doesn't have the charisma to promote himself the way Chael did…twice!

    Either way even if the fight did happen, I believe it would be a 5 round very technical Jones win.

    • The only reason DC is not in title contention at HW is cause he does not want to fight Cain. He could easily make a case to fight for the belt but he doesn't want to. That's the main reason hes dropping to LHW in the first place.