Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson Set for UFC 165 in Toronto


Hot on the heels of recent rumors, UFC President Dana White has confirmed that UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones will indeed defend his title against Alexander Gustafsson this fall. The announcement was made today at the UFC 161 media day. Ariel Helwani tweeted the news this afternoon:

While Jones was looking for an October return, the event is to take place at UFC 165 from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The champion told MMA Fighting about the booking today:

“I was hoping for October, but Dana asked me to do September, so I thought I would be a team player and try to help the UFC out with their scheduling. Having me so close to Toronto, I thought it would make sense for the company, so I took the fight. At the same time, I don’t feel rushed at all, so it worked out for the both of us.”

He also offered his prediction for this weekend’s main event:

“I got Rashad winning. If he gets Henderson on his back, the fight is pretty much over.”

Interestingly enough, Jones makes his first trip back to Toronto since coking out the man who was thought to have the next shot at him in Lyoto Machida. But apparently “The Dragon” didn’t look impressive enough in his controversial split decision victory over Dan Henderson at UFC 157.

Many think that Gustafsson has the best chance to beat Jones at light heavyweight, but even that sentiment has been cooling down as of late, with the majority believing Jones to be nigh-unbeatable. There’s some bad blood brewing between “Bones” and “The Mauler,” let’s see if the bout delivers for Canadian fans this fall.

  • Altho as a Swede I will be rooting for Gus I have a hard time seeing him beating JJ. Jones just seems better at every area, Maybe for an exception of KO power. But Jones knowing that I think he is going to take Gus down and finish it at the ground.

    Anyways looking forward for the fight!

    • Great news!

    • I wouldn't be so sure that Jones has this. Jon's game isn't all that hard to figure out. I mean every one of his fights goes down the same way, he keeps people at bay with his reach, then he goes for a take down, if he does not get it he presses the action against the fence then uses elbows to wear his opponents down and tko or submit them. You counter his game with counter striking, good jui jitsu (Vitor's armbar), solid take down defense, and you avoid that fence like a dreaded plague. It's all about fundamentals, so don't be surprised if one of these days a relative nobody/underdog takes Jones' belt.

    • Du har helt rätt Garson.

      Bra analysis, eller hur Lowkickers??

      Vilken del av Sverige kommer du ifrån?

  • Jones would seem to have this with his wrestling, but who knows. Hope for an awesome title fight at light heavy, they've been a bit too one-sided recently (with the exception of Vitor's near-finish).

  • Booo, me want super fight!. Still though, it should be a great fight. It will be interesting to see how Jones deals with someone with similar proportions. I understand that Jones still has a sizable reach advantage but height/length matter as does gait/kicking reach. I think Jones wins fairly easily but you never know.

  • I don't think Gus is ready for the JJ express just yet. Physically he has the tools, but not the experience to deal with he unique challenge of Jones fights.

    I think Gus will lose. In a year or two, when he's had some time to make adjustments, he could be the guy who stops the Jonesification at 205

    • Agreed, Gustafson just hasnt really come into his own quite yet.
      Little more time and a few more fights. Hes just not quite fluent enough yet.

  • Some people thought it was too soon for Jones to fight for a title shot after beating fringe top 10 Bader… You never know until they face elite opposition.

    Saying that Jones was an animal in the climb and I would have rather bet against him in any of his prior title defenses (bar Sonnen)

    What was the 'heated stare down in Russia' – arranged or not?

  • Once again Toronto is going to show the states how to fill a venue.