Jon Jones To Meet With UFC Brass On Thursday, Gustafsson & Cormier Willing To Fight For Interim Belt


The whirlwind of news centered on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ continues to rage on as “Bones” attempts to circumvent a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson, whom UFC President Dana White stated was clearly next in line for a title shot.

With Jones wanting to fight No. 2-ranked Daniel Cormier instead. The champ and the promotion are at a bit of a standstill. However, Ariel Helwani just revealed on UFC Tonight that that could all change tomorrow, as “Bones” is headed to Las Vegas to meet with the bosses:

If they are unable to reach an agreement, then we could unfortunately end up seeing “The Mauler” face Cormier in a title eliminator bout. Helwani continued on to state that Gustafsson was willing, albeit with a stipulation:

“He said yes, but only for an interim title.”

And Cormier, who was found to have some knee issues following his dominant UFC 173 win over Dan Henderson, said he might fight through the pain for an interim belt:

“He said he would delay any knee procedures that need to be done. He would like to get an extra month or so from that August 30 date to rehab the knee, but he would delay any kind of surgery to fight Alexander Gustafsson (or Jon Jones), but only if it’s for an interim title, so we’ll see what happens.”

It all depends on the meeting in Las Vegas tomorrow, but something tells me that Jon Jones has just been drumming up some hype and will sign on the dotted line this Thursday.

His style is gaining haters by the droves these days, and that may just be exactly what he wants.

Photo: Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY Sports

  • An interim fight is completely unnecessary and stupid. Why? Because Jones' is whining about who he wants to fight? He's not injured, so either he's fighting Gus or D.C. why on earth would they fight each other? If they did, if Gus wins then Jones will want to move down to middleweight or something crazy like that

    • The reason they are asking for an interim belt is reassurance. If either of them has an interim belt, Bones can't duck them. He won't be able to come up with any kind of excuse and will have to face the interim champ to unify the belts.

      • This is a good point.

      • It makes sense that Jones couldn't duck an interim champ, but it has seemed for awhile that Jones wants to avoid fighting both DC and Gus. If they fight each other that's exactly what he gets. Lame.

        • Bones is stalling… if DC and Gus face each other it will give him more time to prepare. He's already said before he'd like them to face each other and then fight the winner. I have a feeling this whole B.S. is to try and force the UFC to set that up.

    • I never heard of a chiken champion like eyepoker jon!!!!!!!!
      You are the champion bitch!! you fight the number one contendor or leave your belt to the next, end of story!!!!
      no jon wants to fight DC who is injured or make DC fight Gus so both can get injured…
      what the fu** is that!!!!
      I dont understand how this chiken can have any fans at all..

      • Whatever your smoking pass it around to the rest of the group. Sharing is caring.

  • I get that feeling as well Mike….Create as big a storm as possible to get those PPV numbers….If there was an interim belt that fight would be four months away which would leave bones on the sideline too long.. UFC wont want bones sitting out when the money is in him fighting

    • No the UFC surely doesn't want that but they also can't justify giving DC the title shot over Gus. So if he refuses to fight Gus and sticks to it, they might have to let Bones sit out and wait for the winner of Gus/Cormier.

      • @XP….I can see fans going crazy on Thursday once Dana tweets the next bout.

        Also, if bones has no intention of signing with GUS, wouldnt it be counter productive to walk into the fire (UFC headquarters) only to say no. Wouldnt he just send his manager.

        • They're meeting to discuss the situation. It's only natural for him to be present. He doesn't have to but a lot of fighters attend meetings like that. Things like this are gonna ruin the sport.

  • Jones is going to fake an injury!

  • From a business perspective the UFC should offer Jones more money to fight Gus, he definitely deserves it, money is motivation. I.M.O. the Gustaffson fight has more PPV power. Between the story they have, and Gus's European and Swedish fan base it seems like that is the fight the UFC heads would want next. If Jon fought DC and lost, then his story with Gus loses it's value, and the same if Gus fought DC for the interim belt and lost. There's no history between Jon and DC except for some words thrown around.

  • Jon Jones has thought Machida, Rashad, Rampage, Shogun, Belfort and he's beat Gus already WTF is the problem. I myself put a comment on here go after Jones for match making and saying which contender should fight who. However asking for DC, I got no issue with that at all.

    The twisted double standard Logic of MMA fans is laughable, now Jones is calling out DC people don't like the fight. When for the last 6 months on Lowkick, any negative DC comments have been met with weaks. Now I'm reading posts about how DC will be an easy match up and how Jones knows that etc etc. The whole mma community have been on DC bandwagon too.

    I'm sick of the lot of you and I'm sick of the UFC, give the Champ what he wants.

    Talk of interim title is again a CRAZY double standard imo, so DC is good enough to fight Gus for interim belt but not good enough to fight Jones ?


    • Unlike Machida, Rashad, Rampage, Shogun, Belfort fight Jones was the clear winner BUT with the GUS fight, although he won many believe that Gus won that fight.

    • gm1

      @MMMUK….. I agree with you points….these butt huggers are weak. I dont understand how Gus is ranked No.1 after losing to Jones and then next he fights Manuwa and wins when Manuwa isn't even ranked.

      WTH is the UFC thinking….let's give the No.1? Contender a for sure win against the bottom of the barrel. Now he deserves another title shot. Stupid moron matchmakers. That shows you how retarded the UFC is or just how weak the LHW DIVISION is becoming…

  • Jones is young and smart, he is not in a rush to fight, he knows he is gona be in this game for a long time. he wants to get paid. If anyone should be making a move to get paid its him, whether we like him or not.

  • In response to the end of the article, this is for sure a media ploy.

    I was already questioning that before today, because Dana mentioned that he had a meeting with Jones "to get the fight signed" which is unlike him. Then came the Jones youtube video, where he was so obviously trying to get under peoples skin.

    Then today Dana comes out seeking more attention, talking to Jones directly about how Gustaffson is next in line? Why would you even mention that if you have a meeting with him tomorrow? It's not like that's going to help negotiations or the meeting go smoothly. UNLESS if the whole reason is to get people to tune in to a potentially huge rematch that people already want to see and you can make them crave it even more by making Gus the "Face" and Jones the "Heel".

    If you have been following the UFC, you know that especially when it comes to the champions, what they say publicly passes through a very fine filter of what they are allowed to say. Whether it's good or bad, the management works off of it. The fact that this conversation is going on in public shows whats really going on.

    Sure, Dana is a big mouth and isn't shy about speaking peoples business, but he doesn't speak about things publicly until AFTER the meeting, he NEVER speaks before meetings, he usually just says "we'll see".

    This is all calculated.

  • I don't like Jones, but Dana should just realize that without the fighters there isn't a ufc. He uses media to make these fighters seem like d bags, but in reality they usually only have a 5 year career.

    The top fighters earned the right to demand more money for these gruelling fights. Jones is the biggest draw in mma, cause nearly everyone wants him to lose. If Dana throws the money down, Jones will fight his hardest opponent a second time. If Jones loses, guess what, you won't have to pay him an arm and a leg.

  • Jones wants to get paid for a fight with gus above and beyond of what he typically makes and just because he's willing to fight cormier does not mean he's stalling. Fight may have been close but he took Gus's best shots and won on the feet – In other words he fought Gus's fight. Who's to say he's not going to secure takedowns next fight with Gus? I will root for Gus or Cormier vs Jones but let's keep things in perspective.

  • i predict. Dc injured with knee. Gus injured with broken hand. Jones vs Rumble!