Jon Jones Thinks Daniel Cormier Isn’t ‘Used To Fighting These Big Fights’


UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has experienced a media blitz after his impromptu brawl with Daniel Cormier at Monday’s (August 4, 2014) UFC 178 Media Day from Las Vegas.

Trashing “DC” on FOX Sports Live after giving what many felt was an insincere apology on ESPN’s Sportscenter, “Bones” has been working diligently to promote his Sept. 27 bout with Cormier. Last night, the polarizing and dominant champion appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the brawl, noting that Cormier may have let his emotions get the best of him:

“My opponent, I don’t think he’s used to fighting these big fights, and he was just really anxious and nervous, and I saw that it was going to be a really intense staredown by the way he was looking across the stage at me. So I’m like, ‘What do you want to do, I’m not going to back up.’

So we go head to head, and he like, karate chops me in the neck, and I can’t let that happen. Being the champion, I gotta kinda stand my ground. And so next thing I know, people are getting pushed, and it’s like a Royal Rumble.”

The latest in a long (and soon to be longer) series of verbal jabs from Jones, his latest title bout is set to be his most heated, even more so than his originally scheduled rematch with Alexander Gustafsson.

That fight was arguably the most anticipated bout in all of MMA, but ”Bones” and “DC” most likely made the pay-per-view (PPV) numbers for UFC 178 skyrocket by fighting on national television.

As a former Olympic wrestler, it’s hard to believe that Cormier would be nervous in too many situations. Was it nerves, or simply his hatred for Jones that led to his scuffle-inducing shove on Monday?

  • Ivy

    Didn't DC take home a silver medal? Jones left out the part of the confrontation where his head butted DC's, even if by mistake.

  • Jon Jones and Jimmy Kimmel in the same are both douche bags!

  • Bones just sounds silly… He just can't stand that Cormier is not intimidated by him in any way, shape or form like all his former opponents.

  • Really, Karate Chop. Jones just becomes more douche as time goes on. Disrespect of the Olympics. Dude is just out of hand. I am seriously praying he loses and gets all bloodied up with that cut. I know its unlikely because of his sick reach…but damn he needs to lose just to have a bit of humility. This might be a Serra-GSP situation.

  • Complain Complain Complain…i hear that someone is auctioning off DC size 7 Sketcher sneaker he threw @ Bones head. I wonder how much you DC Lovers willing to pay for it??

    • Hate I think you and I are the only Jones fans on this site. I got tickets today bro I'll be there.

  • Im only going to the weigh ins then watch the fight somewhere like i usually do. Get @me

    • sounds good.

      • I really have to understand what make you guys like Jon Jones. No disrespect to his accomplishments, but the guys is such a douce bag!

        I wish i could find a reason to be a Jones fan other than his fighting skills against smaller opponents.

        • *douche 🙂

        • I have been a Jones fan since his debut in the UFC. I have supported him in every single fight. I think he is a great person, very kind and most importantly a fantastic mixed martial artist. Its only in situations like with Gus and DC where he can be a bit of a dick sometimes. What fighter isn't??? All you Jones haters act like the man went on a murderous rampage in a orphanage or some shit. Who gives a flying fuck if he seems like a douche bag, all top contenders and champions are these days.

          You do realize that Jon fought the top LHW contenders the UFC had to offer? The fact that they are shorter means jack shit. If you know anything about MMA, you would know that height and reach really means fuck all. We have seen great fighters overcome major height and reach disadvantages to win, like Mark Hunt vs Stefan Struve. So in the end its the skill of the fighter not their height or reach,

  • The Jon Jones haters are abundant on this site…..