Jon Jones: Teixeira Is A Lot Like Rampage Just With Better Grappling


Glover Teixeira caught a lot of people’s attention with his first round knockout of Ryan Bader last night; the win earned the Brazilian slugger the next shot at the 205lb. title, after Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson had settled their beef. The win obviously caught the attention of the current Light-Heavyweight boss Jones, but not for the right reasons. It would appear that Jones was not at all impressed by Teixeira’s performance against ‘Darth’, the 205 champion compares GT to Rampage Jackson via his twitter account:

JJ has been known to get in to plenty of Twitter beefs in the past, so Teixeira shouldn’t feel singled out. Jones continued the assault on Teixeira’s character in the wake of UFN 28:

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the reason that everyone thinks GT is championship material because of the fact that he has fought to become the logical contender? I personally believe he has all the tools to beat Jones. He can win off his back, has aggressive stand up, a good chin and is clearly able to come back from adversity.

I do agree with Jones on his first point though; Teixeira is like Rampage but with better grappling, but not the Rampage that Jones faced, Rampage in his prime years. Great KO power, strength, agility, a solid chin and a first class mean mug. Regardless of whether Jones thinks that Teixeira is undeserving, it would seem the two are on a collision course. That is, of course, if JJ gets past Gus in their title scrap.