Jon Jones: Dana White Is Making As Much Money As He Can


UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones truly epitomizes the modern MMA athlete; a smoothed, and more mainstream version of what was once considered a pit-fighter. ‘Bones’ has Nike sponsorship, is the youngest ever UFC champion, and has won a plethora of awards and recognitions.

Jones stopped by with recently to discuss his place in the UFC hierarchy and more:

“I’m happy where I’m at, I’ve worked really hard to get where I’m at, and it’s just part of the life cycle. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and you’ve just got to go get it.”

“At the end of the day, Dana (White), he has a business here. It was his vision, and he owes it to himself to make as much money as he can, and it seems like that’s what he’s doing.”

Jones quite often comes across, or is perceived as arrogant and cocky. One thing that does fly under the radar for most ‘Bones’ haters is his old-fashioned approach; he quite often tells things how they are, and also has one of the best working ethics among his fellow peers.

Although he can be quite chafing, Jones is on the mark with his comments about Dana White. White is indeed in it for the money, but his roots also lie in fighting. One of the problems surrounding combat sport promotion is the fact that you are, at a base level, promoting potentially lethal violence for cash gains.

In reality, are there any MMA promoters that we are fond of? (aside from Ray Sefo). Anyway, check out the full interview with ‘Bones’ below, where he discusses Daniel Cormier, weight loss and much more, and stay tuned to LowKick!

  • " Daniel Cormier's weight loss is an inspiration to a lot of people " ( Smirk ) – Jones does a great job of saying things to make sure people dislike him.

  • Thanks Captain Obvious…I mean Jones.

  • Such a wonderfully passive aggressive comment by Jones about Dana. Dana better hope he and GSP don't start plotting to form a union. I've always said nothing there won't be any dramatic change in fighter pay (tho it is on a steady rise) until some of the top fighters who don't need it take a stand.

    • That would be a good career transition for GSP too I think. No idea how well he'd do at running the nuts and bolts of it but from a political stand point he's the perfect guy for the job or at least as a spokesperson for it.