Jon Jones looking for fight with Alexander Gustafsson


Yesterday, Karyn Bryant and MMA H.E.A.T. caught up with UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones in eattle to discuss his preference of his next opponent. Jones said that he is looking to face Gustafsson in order to silent the critics that say his main advantage is his size. Jones preferred the Gustafsson fight rather than Shogun, who he has already beat. Shogun did not win so Gustafsson will most likely get the next title fight. He also touched on his current stint as TUF coach alongside Chael Sonnen.

*The entire MMA H.E.A.T. UFC on Fox 5 playlist is embedded here, the Jones interview is #10.

  • Jon Jones would take Gus down with ease then sub him.

    • another fighter taking the safe way out (gsp)

    • D

      I don't think it's gonna be "with ease" but I do see him getting it to the ground eventually and finishing there either with a sub or hellbows. Phil Davis had trouble taking him down when they fought, and I'm sure his wrestling has vastly improved since then.

    • This would probably will be Bones' plan but I don't think it will be easy – Davis had a extremely hard time taking Gus down and that was ages ago, since then he has been working on his wrestling crazily.
      Shogun is no collegiate wrestling NCAA champion but Dan Henderson and Brandon Vera struggled to get Shogun down and Gus did it many times, with different types of takedowns, with ease.

      Gus is one of the most underrated wrestlers in MMA IMO (for a guy with non wrestling background)

  • Gus & Rashad should have a hoola hoop contest

  • Its beneficial for Jones to fight Gustafsson sooner rather than later because he is only getting stronger.

    • Wish I could give you 10 sharps for that! Gus is the fastest improving guy in the LHW division, everytime we see him we see a new and improved monster

    • Ya Jones gets stronger every match, the guy is something else. Still soo young.

    • Gus was good in his last fight but he will never be good enough for Jones.
      He took quite a few shots on his face from Shogun. And lets face it Shogun had no game plan in his last fight. He just wanted to land a big right hand, which at time he did.
      Jones is a very intelligent fighter and to beat him you have to be smarter and faster than him. Unfortunately, Gus is simply not good enough.

  • Jones and Gus might have similar heigh but if i am not mistaken Jones has 7 inches of reach on him… not the same "size" by a mile

    • That is true but as Rogan was talking about in the broadcast there is also the discussion about "leg reach", It's a lot closer and I wouldn't be surprised if Gus had longer legs… unfortunately he doesn't kick enough to make it a huge factor.
      His height does mean however he can extend his arms and punches forward and while he will still have a reach advantage…. it will be miniscule compared to Rashad and Lyoto's, who both landed big time on Jones.

      • reach
        jon jones 84-1/2 "
        Alex Gustafsson 76-1/2 "
        Rashad Evans 75 "
        Lyoto Machida 74 "

        Bones will have an 8" reach over Gustaffson–this is not a miniscule advantage–even compared with Rashad and Lyoto's reach.

        Everyone thinks of reach in stand-up striking–but Jones utilizes his reach best with his hellbows. Elbows usually have such a short radius of damage, but Jones elbow reach make his ground and pound lethal.

        • BTW: Only 7' Stefan Struve has as long of a reach as Bones. Even if Bones was fighting at HW, he would have a long reach for the division.

          Just because someone has a long reach does not mean they are a better fighter–but it IS an advantage standing up and on the ground. If MMA is a game of inches–a few more inches in reach ain't gonna hurt.

          The fighter must also be able to use a longer reach to maximum advantage–and Jones has still more to learn how to use his reach better in standup–a better jab, for instance. But Jones knows how to use his reach in submissions and ground and pound very effectively

  • jones would be too much for gus

  • I know I wasn't the only one but I've said since the Hamill fight and still trully believe if there is anyone at LHW who can beat Jones, it's this man.

    He says he is ready for a title shot but I'd like to see one more tough fight, hopefully against a winner of either Rampage/Texiera, Machida/Hendo or Nog/Evans, mainly due to he improves so much between each fight.

    It's hard to tell since this is the only top 10 guy he has fought but I think it's safe to say Gus is top 5 and perhaps even top 3.

  • Do you feel the crowd at all, when their chanting your name? "No, i'm emotionless, don't care!" LOL!

  • Does anyone else notice Jon in drunk in this interview? Lol

  • Gus needs to improve on a couple of things if he aims to beat Jones,Machida or Hendo have a better chance of beating him 1st.

  • I read on some other sites that some fans were angry with Rory MacDonald because he did the Ali shuffle a couple of times when fighting–then they went on to say they were not impressed because he did not finish Penn. Often after such intelligent points they would shout WAR DIAZ! These critics claim Rory called out BJ just to get an easy win off of a legend. These same critics laud BJ licking the blood off of his gloves or Nate Diaz giving the finger, or Anderson Silva playing around with his opponent like a cat with a mouse–but Rory does a little shuffle and this is a crime?

    BJ Penn has a long history of making excuses for his losses, and trash talk towards his opponents. With Rory, his demand for VADA testing was a sly dig at MacDonald–accusing him in so many words of using PED's, the same charge he has leveled at GSP. BJ said on Twitter that Rory had pimples on his back which must mean something.

    If I was Rory, I would be very pissed with BJ Penn–and I would be highly motivated to beat the living shit out him. BJ tossed other insults as well–because he was angry that Rory had commented that BJ looked out of shape and Rory only said this when pressed by interviwers looking for drama.

    I love MMA and enjoy discussing it in an intelligent manner, but there are so many fucking drool-dripping retards on these boards–pathetically trolling for attention–that after reading some of these trolls posts–I feel much stupider than when I started, and that I have wasted my time even coming to Low Kick.

  • People are so strange, does a contender have to clearly be the favorite vs the champ to fight him? You don't earn a title shot by clearing being able to beat him but rather being able to beat other contenders and do so convincingly.

    If we are going to use the argument that "well Jones would kick his ass" then Jones never fights at LHW again.