Jon Jones healing up fast, should fight again by end of year


According to doctors, the alignment of Jon Jones‘ Bones are spot on and the skin is closing with no infections. Since suffering the visually gruesome looking injury in his UFC 159 victory and title defense over Chael Sonnen, many had been questioning how long the champion would remained sidelined.

Well according to doctors, because the toe was never actually broken and only dislocated, it’s expected to heal fairly quickly allowing Jones to return to training in approximately six weeks.

Here’s a twitter update of the good news from the champion himself:

With this question officially answered, we’ll have to see who the UFC wants to position against the champion next, will it be Machida? Gustaffson? or even Cormier?

Stay tuned to to find out!

  • I get a feeling it will be Machida. However I would like to see Gustaffson vs Jones. I think Jones is much better. But after Chael being steam rolled. It's obvious Jones is a Very big dude. I would want to see how he does with somebody his own size.

    Cormeir should be up to bat. But I still don't understand what his weight cut issue is. Really? 230 with love handles and chub hanging over your shorts at weight in's? Then talking like he needs to cut 30 lbs of water for 205?! He's an inch taller then Jose Aldo! Get the salad Dan! This is your full time job! Eat ice cream after the fight.

  • I hope to see bones fight either cormier or Gust. Machida had his chance and if noone else was available then I'd say give him another shot. But thats not the case.

    Machida lost in devastating fashion, getting man handled and dumped to the canvas. Give the others a shot first

    • not even close to devastating fashion, bro. Machida won the first round of that fight, he just got caught with a heavy hit. if anyone can beat Jones, its Machida in a rematch. when in the history of MMA has Machida ever made the same mistake twice? and even Jones said himself that after an injury it take him about 2 fights to recalibrate his timing and accuracy, something that Machida would also capitalize on.

  • Not really sure what everyone's beef with Machida is. In the first fight, Machida was getting the better of Jones by utilizing his ability to get in, strike, and get back out without getting hit. Yea he got caught, but one of those elbows is more than enough to change the outcome in a fight. I'm interested in seeing how Machida will adapt/change up his strategy in order to deal with Jones' grappling and elbows.

    I understand that people want to see a fresh challenge thrown at Jones, but I really don't see Gustaffson being the one to knock him off his throne. Everyone keeps talking about Gus being able to compete with his size, but his reach is still far off. 76.5 vs 84.5. Gustaffson's reach is almost the same as GSP's. Jones can still pick him apart from the outside, and even if Gus were able to get inside his reach, Jones would definitely out-grapple him. Although I'd love to see the same competitive championship bouts in the LHW division, back when we were unsure who was going to leave the champion at the end of the night, Jones pretty much has the division on lockdown- new challenger or old.

  • Heres hoping he can fight twice more this year if hes back to normal in June.

  • It should be Cormier, and piggy boy should be able to make 205 no problem.

  • Machida is #1 contender, Cormier has supposedly been granted an immediate title shot, and Silva would probably be too risky of a fight to come back to after an injury.. its all up to uncle Dana.. Gustaffson shouldnt even be an option for Jones just yet.

  • No to Machida. Gustaffson or Cormier (if he can make 205). Then heavyweight.

  • You guys should quit acting like this is a real injury, like the kind you take into consideration for getting back timing. Or the kind that brings with it a significant layoff. It said in 6 weeks he can train again. That's only a little more than many fighters take for a vacation after a title defense anyway. Unless it's worse than reported, and gets hurt again soon, he should be able to fight twice again this year easily. And should be expected to fight whoever they put in front of him. 6 weeks off is hardly long enough to need a tune up fight. Or to use it as an excuse for losing to Machida or just not fighting him. I'm not saying he's ducking Machida right now. But hopefully they're right and he's back in the gym next month and the foot stays well.

  • Granted the foot did look gruesome. But it sounds like they're saying it looked way worse than it really was, or is. If they give him Machida I don't think Bones should avoid him. And while I think Machida probably does have the best chance, for some reason I still wanna see Gus fight him first too. I don't think the arm reach is such an issue. If Gus is still improving at a good rate I think it could be a competitive fight.