Jon Jones: Chael’s mouth doesn’t bother me, I’m ready to beat him up


Light Heavyweight Champion Jones has become decidedly more vocal as his reign at the top continues. However, he’s set to face the most vocal fighter of them all in Chael Sonnen this April 27th. Jones first seemed annoyed by Sonnen’s constant Twitter face-offs, but he told MMA Fighting it’s now all just more of the same:

“Chael’s [mouth] doesn’t bother me at all. I think if I was to take it personal, if I wasn’t to understand it, it would bother me. But I have a pretty clear understanding of who Chael is, what he’s accomplished, and my understanding kind of takes the power away from his words and his persona.”

“You can see that the talk has picked up a little bit. But Chael is in the ‘promote fight’ business. I guess that’s how he got in this situation in the first place. I’m in the ‘remain champion’ business. So, I’m excited. I’m excited to go out there and do what I do best, and that’s win championships.”

Jones’ words are quite blunt and to the point here, as he seems focused on winning the fight before him rather than winning the war of words. Most MMA fans and media are giving Sonnen nothing but a miracle’s chance to take the belt away from the dominant Jones, who’s been finishing former champions with relentless efficiency. A lot of people think Sonnen shouldn’t even be in this fight, as he’s years removed from even fighting at 205. But Jones isn’t going to let that make him look past Sonnen:

“I never feel overconfident. I’m definitely not complacent. I’m aware of defeat. I lose at something every day in practice. That keeps me on my toes to not have that happen come fight night.”

“I understand who he is, both his gentleman side, and him being Chael the promoter. I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of both sides of him. I’m ready to beat him up.”

Jones appears calm and confident after his very first stint as a TUF coach. He’s accepted the fact that Chael Sonnen is a fighter who does use his words more than any other weapon he may have. Will this be anything other than a complete whitewash for the champ?

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  • Chael´s gonna tap in the midst of a Jones ground n pound, they´ll both get up, Chael will raise Jones´ hand and cash his check next morning.

  • It's funny… One fighter is boring outside the cage but exciting inside of it, while the other is exciting outside of the cage and boring inside of it.

  • Dear Jones,

    Good to know that Chael's mouth does not bother you. How about your own mouth? Don't you think that should bother you?

  • For me, when a fighter is the "black hat", the bad-guy, it's very important that he remain in character and never be out of character. In other words, the audience should never perceive a fighter's "act" as an act. They should be left scratching their heads, wondering if, indeed, it's not an act. It should never be some light-switch, whereby the fighter just turns it on and off. It has to be always on.

    For me, Sonnen has turned it on and off too many times and now, when he tries to turn it back on, because there's a fight to promote, it just doesn't work. All the hype just rings hollow.

    The bottom-line on Sonnen is, that he "was" a great hyper artist. Now, he's just a BS artist. He's just a guy with a 5 & 3 record, who has somehow managed to garner three title fights, the third of which, he in no-way-shape-or-form earned or deserves and he's going to get, predictably crushed, by a vastly superior fighter.

    In terms of viewing, it might be worth a laugh, but it's not worth 55 bucks. To buy this PPV, is to encourage and reward Dana White, for this type of bogus, un-warranted and un-deserving, type of match-making.

    Chael Sonnen, legitimate 205 challenger…LOL! Please.

  • Not only did Chael out-coach Jones but he out-classed him as well. Nothing but respect for his coaching and mentoring abilities……

    Having said that Sonnen is still going to get annihilated when he fights Jones.

  • Hate To break to you but if you think there isnt a price they can pay jones to "help make this an exciting fight" then you gotta wake up. I still think jones will win, but when there are big amounts of money being bet… anything is possible.