Jon Jones Breaks his Foot During Fight *Warning Graphic Footage*


Immediately following his victory over Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones walked around celebrating, completely unaware of the gruesome injury going on down at his feet.

It wasn’t until Joe Rogan pointed out the injury that Jones finally realized and saw what had happened. Now visually worried, Jones admitted he didn’t feel anything at the start of the interview due to the adrenaline, but was expecting to feel it later once it wore off.

However, as Joe Rogan continued with what became a rather awkward interview, professional UFC cut man known as “Stitch” as well as other medical officials attended to the wound and you could clearly see the discomfort on the champions face.

Trying to with hold the pain while the small team of men did their very best to piece his mangled foot together and patch him back up, Jones pointed out that he believed there may have been a hole or issue with the octagon.

In his following interview with Chael Sonnen, Rogan pointed out that there’s no telling what could have happened had the fight gone to the second round, although something tells me Jones still would have found a way to win despite the injury.

Here is a close up of the injury but I must warn you it is pretty graphic. In fact it looks like much more than a break, I was convinced there was actually some of his toe missing, but you be the judge.

  • Thats ucking nasty

  • Damn that looks horribly painful. Was hilarious how he was trying to keep from screaming during the interview after the fight.

  • That *****, give the guy some pain killers.

  • I knew Jones would win, I toe'd you so!

  • Jones No Bones….

  • Jon "Broken Bones" Jones

  • This injury could affect Jones career much more than first appears. If his toe remains weak because of this injury his movement around the octagon could be seriously impaired and his toe could easily break again.

    let's hope he recovers fully and this doesn't affect his career because he is one of a select few contending for the p4p slot and GOAT slot.

  • gm1

    That toe twisted out of joint.
    It should heal back but to be on the safe side he will probably tape that and his middle toe from now on in future fights.

    I hope no one really thought Chael could have beaten him. JJ dominated him on the wrestling and of course the GNP finished it. Wow, and to think that Chael was considered a great wrestler. Jokes the so called wrestling buffs. Everyone forgets that JJ is an Upper Class Wrestler himself. Next victim will be Anderson……

  • I broke my toe in a tournament back in 02. Looked almost identical to JJ's injury. It didn't effect my fighting in the future. In fact I got the injury in my first fight that night, and I still had two to go. I only went one, because I got choked out in round 2 of my second fight. It looks worse than it is. The only problem is it takes a long while to heal because you can't put a cast on your toe. I had some ligament repair surgary and had to keep my weight of the toe for about two weeks. I started training full out again after perhaps 2 months, but I felt pain for almost a year. The doc said I should've rested longer before going full out, the bone didn't get a chance to heal compleatly because I was to eager. But the pain never bothered me to such an extent that it would have made any difference. For a champ like Jones this should be a minor setback.