Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort React to Weidman’s Shocking Victory


Minutes after Chris Weidman shocked the world with his second round TKO of the great Anderson Silva, the inevitable responses from the fighters it affected most began to show up on Twitter.

Not surprisingly, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was quick to weigh in, as his potential super fight with Silva is out on the shelf, at least for the time being. His reactions were short but to the point:


Indeed it may not be the best case for Jones, whose fight with Silva could have gone down as the biggest match in MMA history. Now, a rematch with Weidman and Silva could loom.

However, a middleweight in the mix for a title shot spoke up as well. Vitor Belfort, who believes he has done more than enough to earn his shot, sent out a couple of tweets staking his claim:

So the UFC was shaken up at the top when Weidman pulled the unthinkable this evening. What will be next for the young champion? How about Silva? And has the door been perhaps opened for Belfort to get the title shot he so craves?

  • Damn it Vitor, made me read your tweets with your voice in my head, fcuking "No is my time."
    But yes..Its his time no, i mean now.! Would love to see that.

    • I am not impressed wit your showboatin" – GSP

      • "GSP: But my training partner knocked you out." -Chris Weidman, new middleweight champion of the world

      • GSP = Oracle

    • HAHAHA!!!I was reading it the same exact way too!

      • Ok, lets see who can do the best Vitor impersonation at work today, cuz now that I read akieyugames comment and yours, i see how easily that worked. I read it too, cuz of his spelling , it was just as he would verbally say it, lol..

    • LMAO!

  • GSP: I was robbed by aliens.

  • I actually think Vitor has a case. I wouldn't complain about an immediate rematch but guys shouldn't have to wait in these situations. It happens too often.

    • Anderson wont take a rematch right now, if he lost again, everyone would know Weidman is better and Silva's ego can't handle that.

      • Anderson may not take a rematch but it would be because he is old and retires not because he is scared of anything or has a big ego. I would be very surprised if Chris won a rematch. Anderson had a bad night against a very worthy opponent. If there is a rematch then I expect Anderson to win in emphatic fashion.

        • You could be right, I try to never set my prediction in stone as many do.