Jon Jones And Glover Teixeira Are Undergoing Additional Drug Testing For UFC 172



Drug testing in MMA is often a hotly contested and controversial subject. The recent ban on TRT came as music to the ears of most fans, and stricter testing seems to be the consensus opinion of how to improve the process of catching cheats.

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is an advocate of additional/voluntary testing before fights, and it seems light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is following suit. ‘Bones’ has requested and received additional screening for his UFC 172 bout against Glover Teixeira.

The additional testing will mean both men (should) be totally clean for their fight, as Jones described to Fox Sports:

“I’m not accusing my opponent of anything, but it would just be great to see and the UFC approved it. They never told me or Glover when the test would come, but mine came today, and I’m happy that it came. It’s great to know that the athletes who are competing are clean. I’ve never taken any kind of performance-enhancing drug and I don’t think any of my opponents should.”

Extra testing is a great thing for combat sports, but it should be noted that it’s unlikely the UFC would enable such a process for preliminary or lesser-known fighters. That being said, there is a world title on the line when these two meet, and at the least we will know (hopefully) that neither man is doping.

“I’ve probably fought people in the past who have, and I still found a way to come out and win. I want to see our sport be a clean sport, I want to see our athletes have pride in hard work and that’s why I though I’d put my money where my mouth is…. I have no right to accuse [Glover Teixeira] of being on anything. But, I know when people get chances to fight for world titles, maybe they’ll do anything to get an edge. And I think the only edge you should have is your work ethic.”

Both men will provide samples immediately after the fight as part of the process. It’s refreshing that the sport is making such progress in the clamp-down on drugs cheats, and I’d hope that it will become more of a regular occurrence. Check out the interview with Jones below, and stay tuned to!