MMA Live: Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen talk Vitor Belfort, UFC on FOX 6, TUF 17


TUF 17 coaches Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones shared their thoughts about Vitor Belfort‘s emotional call-out at last weekend’s UFC on FX 7, this weekend’s UFC on FOX 6, and tonight’s TUF 17 debut on FX. Sonnen and Jones will get inside the cage on April 27th, with sights on concluding their rivalry. If victorious against Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones could consider a move up to Heavyweight or the long-awaited superfight with Anderson Silva. One way or another, the champ is expected to stay busy in 2013.

  • Man, what gives with the new, friendly, polite, affable Chael Sonnen? Man, he didn't rise to the bait on anything, not even Belfort.

    Speaking of which, it's interesting when talking about Bisping, his loss and not get pushed too far down the 185 ladder, that he referred to Belfort's kick as "just a kick". I find that interesting, because Vitor lost to Silva on just a kick, yet that kick, seems to be the reason why Belfort isn't being given a re-match.

    My thought on that fight, that kick and a future fight would be this…Belfort did not get owned in that fight. In fact he was doing well in what fight there actually was. It was, after all, only 3 minutes and 25 seconds long. Vitor got caught. I'm not saying it was lucky, for it was not. It was intentful. However, all the kick demonstrates is that Vitor is capable of being caught, which all fighters are and that Anderson can throw that kick with power. It does not prove that Anderson owns Vitor. Not even close.

    I think based on his dominant victory over Bisping, his near arm bar Jone Jones and being his most difficult challenge so far, as Jones acknowledges in this interview, that Belfort is worthy of a rematch with Silva and without need of another proving match.

    When you think that Silva fought Franklin a second time after beating the crap out of him the first time, that Travis Lutter, Nate Marquardt, Pat Cote, Thales Leites and Demian Maia were all deemed worthy of title shots, to now say that Belfort is not worthy of a shot after beating the #1 contender in the division, is laughable and IMO, would be evidence of a fighter ducking a fight.

    Come on Dana, give us a title bout @ 185 in May with Belfort. They're both in shape, they're both healthy, they're both available and we've only seen The Champ defend his belt once, in the last calendar year.

    What's the problem?

    • D

      Belfort was doing well vs. Silva? All he did was circle for nearly 3 minutes and throw one flurry that did no significant damage. He did nothing in that fight. Nothing.

      • @ Moussasi

        Okay, other than Silva landing the one kick, what did Anderson do to Belfort? My point on this is that the fight was about a single kick and not a beating. Anderson has absolutely beaten some opponents, this one, he simply KO'd. That KO is not representative of a beating or indicative that Anderson owns Belfort.

        That is all that I am saying. I am not claiming that Belfort did any damage, at all. As Anderson did no damage to Belfort prior to the kick.

  • @ MMA Truth, I think it is just that Sonnen's WWE persona has served it's purpose and so there is no need for it.

    • @ Michael

      Yes, it could well be. As Jones said, there's the "character" and the actual guy. However, though, if he's transitioning from villain to hero, that would be cool. I know sometimes, some of the rhetoric, like the Nogueira brothers and thinking a bus was a cow and walking around with a fake belt, all that kind of stuff, was becoming a little much and a tad tedious. I like the new Chael, but I'd miss it if he ever drops the smack-talk, which he seems to completely done with Jones. It's almost like they're dating.

      Anyway, the show looks good and Sonnen continues to extend his entertainment value. Lose or Lose 🙂 I doubt Sonnen will stay @ 205. He probably realizes her far more viable as a Middle-Weight.

  • This doesnt look like theres going to be any coach drama this season. There wasnt last season and it was one of the worst ones. Hope theres some cool fighters on the show at least.

  • SHould there be a video or something? I see nothing….

    • agree, kinda weird all the conversation with no video.

  • it looks like they became budys