Jon Fitch Vs. Josh Burkman set for June WSOF event *UPDATED*


Josh Burkman faced Aaron Simpson last night at WSOF II and scored an impressive knockout over the UFC veteran. With the victory Burkman moved to 25-9 in MMA and one step closer to competing for the WSOF welterweight title.

WSOF president Ray Sefo has announced that Burkman will face Jon Fitch at WSOF 3 in June this year. The former number one UFC welterweight contender will be making his WSOF debut. Although it is unclear, as of yet, whether the two will be fighting for the promotion’s welterweight crown.

The news of the match up is not good for everyone concerned, it would appear, as Burkman told MMAJunkie

“I think he should come into the organization and win (a non-title fight), and then they need to put me in against the winner of that, which I think it’ll be Jon Fitch. I think either one of us will represent this organization well as a titleholder.”

“I’m going to talk to them about it. I think I deserve a title shot. I beat Harris, I beat Simpson, and those are two of the best guys outside of the UFC. I think Jon Fitch needs to earn his title shot and then we can talk about it.”

I personally can’t think of a better candidate for the welterweight title shot other than Fitch. He has competed at the top level in MMA for most of his career. He faced Georges St-Pierre, arguably one of the best martial artists on the planet, as well as many other top fighters.

Will Fitch finally become a champion after so many years as the number one contender in the UFC? If so, how long will it be before he is snatched up by the UFC again?                                        





  • i way underestimated burkman. i think of him more highly now, but fitch is gonna have his number.. again

  • Burkman surprised me but for him to beat Fitch he will need to give me a near heart attack

  • D

    Fitch whooped his *** in 2006. That was an MMA lifetime ago, but nothing will change in the rematch.

    • another unanimous decision for john fitch this time. Musasi would win by knock out for sure.

  • Should be an easy / predictable payday for Fitch.

  • Easy win

  • Nim

    Is Burkman suggesting that he would remain innactive while Fitch earns the title shot or would he also take a non title fight at WSOF 3 and risk losing rank?

    Its a vacant title… I think Fitch' resume more than qualifies him for a title shot in a division shallow by comparrison to the one he's just left.

    I think he Burkman is a little presumptious thinking he can judge worthy title contenders before he's even reached a title shot himself… Steady Anderson Silva!!